Teresa Giudice Claims She Is The Star Of Real Housewives Of New Jersey

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Teresa Giudice Claims She Is The Star Of Real Housewives Of New Jersey

Teresa Giudice claims that she is the star of Real Housewives of New Jersey and not the other members of the cast.  As a matter of fact Teresa is not friends with the other Housewives she actually despises them.

Reality Tea alleges: Teresa gloats at the fact Melissa [Gorga] is nothing more than a cast member. She isn’t the break out star she thought she would be. Teresa feels that Melissa is just one big joke. Teresa is out and about at appearances and book signings and Melissa is singing at Great Adventure.”

Melissa Gorga hoped when she joined the show she would become the star but her plan did not work out and Teresa is really still the main focus of the show. Teresa mocks her sister-in-law Melissa she says she is only a cast member.

It also seems like the fame is going to Teresa’s head.  Teresa cannot seem to get along with anyone anymore, she is constantly fighting and is currently not speaking to any of the members of RHONJ.

What do you think is Teresa the show?  Has fame gone to her head?  Hit the comments and let us know your thoughts!

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  1. jenirow says

    A star…I don’t know. Fame monster would be a better way to put it.

  2. Dara Nix says

    Her behavior is the reason I stopped watching the show LAST season. She is BEYOND delusional! Hopefully Andy Cohen will wake up, smell the bitterness, and can her ass … the sooner the better!

  3. susie says

    I loove everyone but theresa! Get over yourself.

  4. matt says

    The show has really turned and is the nastiest, ugliest of the RH franchise. Its almost getting difficult to watch as every episode is fighting and name calling between Teresa vs everyone else. In one way, she is not the star but the focus – without her, they would lose all the drama and would have to cast someone else or change the (scripted) storylines. This year Caroline looks like a baddie but I guess thats better than her boring family. Jacqu daughter went away and shewas the cause of strife for her. Melissa has her awful singing career storyline and her sex obsessed husb and which is pretty boring; and her cousin has a beautiful family but again boring and then we’re going to have the same thing of her trying to do catering even though theyre obviously wealthy. It wouldnt be bad to shake things up – but RHONY did it and kinda ruined things a bit- they should have at least kept Jill Zarin – The princess is too normal, Heather is too boring, and Aviva is ??, Ramona and Sonya know how to act crazy for the cameras -and I could probably do away with Luanne unless she does something intersting. Teresa probably could divorce Joe and then get her spinoff show with her as a single mom raising 4 kids, trying to make money and go to Hollywood, and see her dating. Everyone wants to be t he next Bethenny or atl east get a spinoff…like Zolciak did but Im not hearing that she’ll get a 2nd season and instead is back on RHOA…Nene is the one whose probably in her last season – she gets paid cuz shes the only interesting loud mouthed one although shes definitley changed – looks and attitude – since season 1- see her season one and you wont recognize her…Plus if The New Normal does well, she can have a steady acting gig although in the pilot she had a pretty tiny role.

  5. baicas says

    I can’t stand Tereasa, she is really beginning to get on my nerves. She is not the star of that show, and BRAVO would be doing a good thing when they boot her to the curve.

    1. lisa cariaggi says

      Will never happen.Bravo knows she is indeed very much the star of the show.She’s fun, fierce,doesnt take anything from anybody and has managed to make a terrific living for herself

  6. Natalie says

    I definitely believe Teresa has become a caricature of herself. When the “Real Housewives of New Jersey” premiered, Teresa was one of my favorites, and even stole the show with her mispronunciation of words. I had decided not to watch the new season of “RHWNJ” until my co-worker at Dish kept talking about it, and I got sucked in again. I wasn’t able to watch the latest episode, but have it recorded on my new Hopper. I’m glad I can record up to 2,000 hours of TV, as I’m sure the Housewives series will be taking up a lot of my viewing time.

  7. Jessica says

    Teresa is the WORST. I really liked her back in the Danielle days, I guess because at the time someone was actually worse than her. Jacqueline seems like such a sweetheart, and after watching Teresa flip out on her for merely asking her if everything was okay. Teresa is DELUSIONAL, please get rid of her so we don’t have to here “JOOOOEEEE” anymore ….ugh.

  8. a good boy says

    She is defiantly the star of the show. I would not watch it without her – not saying that she is my favorite either. Caroline and her LOSER kids are the real reason to stop watching . . .

  9. lisa cariaggi says

    There is no doubt about it,this woman is definitely the STAR of the show.She is the ONLY reason I tune in at all.She has had to deal with alot of blows very publicly.Instead of curling up in a ball and hiding in a croner,she’s coming out fighting.I think she’d be a blast to hang out with and would LOVE to raid her closet.As for the rest of the cast,lately Ive been struggling to keep my committment to myself about not saying anything negatively about anyone online,so will keep my opinions to myself.I will say,Andy Cohen and bravo,well done finding her,she is most definitely the goose that laid the golden egg for the Jersey franchise

    1. Helena Gibson says

      Is this Teresa herself lol. Who else would try to build this delusional woman up soooo much than the herself. We already know how fake she is & that she has actually hired someone to write her Bravo Blogs. So I wouldn’t put it past this being Teresa. And that she goes on the internet posing as fans posting positive & such adoring things about herself. Because there is no way anyone can truly feel this way about this woman. Unless they r just as delusional. How can you not see this woman for what she is truly evil & obsessed with herself. I just got through watching the Season 4 Reunion Part 1 & I was truly disgusted she tried to make everything about her. And when Andy wasn’t on a Teresa subject you should have seen her face it was like really are we talking about this when we could be talking about ME ME ME ME. Even when they got on the subject of Jacqueline and her son’s autism. It was such a touching moment until Teresa of course had to try and find a way to make it about herself. I just wanted to scream with frustration and disgusted. She truly needs a reality check. As soon as her 15 mins of fame is up she will be all alone with only her cheating husband standing by her (and I think we all know why he will be doing that because she now brings home the money. And he won’t let his golden ticket go.). Because she has burned all her bridges. She has stabbed everyone who truly cared for her in the back for what 15 mins of fame. People like her might make money & find a little success. But they never find success where it truly counts LIFE. The woman is truly soulless and heartless. She isn’t the Teresa we all fell in love with in the beginning she is truly the definition of Fame Whore & Fame Monster

  10. Jennifer says

    I only watch the show to see Teresa, I can’t stand Carol, to me see seems like a very troubled person. Teresa makes the show interesting and it’s a shame to see all the women acting like they are in grammar school. Bravo needs to terminate Carol and her family from the show, and get some interesting people with integrity, humor and who are truly Italian (if that is what the New Jersey show is about), Italian as Olive Garden is hilarious.

  11. Susan says

    Teresa is dumb as dirt, jealous of her sister-in-law and the most fake housewife of all. Bravo, please can her and her low life husband already!!

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