You Knew It Was Going To Happen: Brandi Glanville Takes A Shot at LeAnn Rimes

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You Knew It Was Going To Happen: Brandi Glanville Takes A Shot at LeAnn Rimes

Oh c’mon now, you KNEW it was going to happen!  Last week when LeAnn Rimes decided that she couldn’t handle her charmed life any more and checked herself into a treatment center, Brandi Glanville momentarily took the high road and wished her luck and support. The woman have famously and publicly feuded for the last three years as Rimes freely admits to splitting up Brandi’s marriage to Eddie Cibrian. The actor later left Brandi and his two young son’s in favor of a life with LeAnn, something that has always been a bitter pill for Brandi to swallow.

As Brandi focused on her boys, LeAnn has focused on not eating and parading around in bikini’s in order to keep Eddie’s attention. Last week things came to a boil and LeAnn at first said that it was cyber-bullying that sent her into an emotional breakdown. Defending her home wrecking ways via Twitter has apparently become a fulltime job and even Eddie couldn’t tear her away from the drama. LeAnn went off to get mental help and her attorney said she’ll take legal action against one of her biggest bullies, a school teacher by the name of Kimberly Smiley.

On Tuesday night Brandi was dealing with a bit of Twitter drama herself and let two tweets drop that seemed to pay homage to LeAnn,

“Maybe I should sue you for this bullying tweet!! #owners**t,” followed by “If I sued every person that ever harassed me on twitter I’d be a GAZZILIONAIRE!”

I think part of the reason for this whole thing becoming a bit of a joke is because not long after the Twitter nonsense, word spread like wildfire that LeAnn melted down due to the belief that Eddie is now cheating on her!  I’m sure Brandi had a good laugh at LeAnn’s expense there and c’mon, hasn’t everyone heard the old saying- “If he cheats with you then he’ll cheat on you.”?  All the bikinis in the world can’t keep a man in line if his eye naturally wanders.

Are you glad Brandi took a shot at LeAnn? I know I am!  Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. Lyn says

    I think this article is disgusting. What is wrong with people? LeAnn has had an early . She had to emancipate herself from her own parents as a young teenager. So she fell in love with a married man, who obviously wasn’t in this wonderful marriage or he would not have left his wife. LeAnn doesn’t need to get thin to keep him, she was already tiny. You should all be ashamed to same mean hurtful things to a woman having a nervous breakdown because of ignorant people talking about things they do not know anything about! He left his wife, that’s on him, not LeAnn. Women needto start sticing up for other women instead of tearing them apart. There are 3 sides tp this whole affair & never ending “poor me” from Brandi. Go get an another reality show and actually raise your boys. They are Brandi and Eddies’ kids so why does LeAnn have them all of the time? And it seems Brandi doesn’t mind when LeAnn is paying for those boys. See how we turn on each other so quickly like I just did? We need to stop it. None of us would have lasted as long as LeAnn has if we were in the spotlight getting bullied. She’s sick and needs to get help but all of you who are sending her nasty tweets and emails need to back off, maybe get some help yourself. So bully you or stop it all together. Bullying is disgusting. You should be very very ashamed of yourself!!!

    1. kris says

      You come to a trash site and you’re surprised they’re trashing people? Come on…

      And if Rimes hadn’t been such snot about her new ‘perfect life’, maybe people wouldn’t trash her.

      1. Nikki Leigh says

        Your comments are so eloquent, thank you, we love hearing from our readers!

    2. Ashlee says

      LeAnn was cheating on HER own husband with a married man. You sound like you have Celebrity Worship Syndrome where LeAnn is concerned. The woman has no morals and has had no consequences until now, maybe she can find her conscience while she is getting treatment.

      LeAnn is a hillbilly gone Hollywood and a homewrecker to boot. Let’s hope she gets the help she needs, Eddie is going to leave her for another woman, just wait.

    3. gertie says

      It takes two to have an affair. It is what it is. Brandi is a bit brash but she also speaks her truth and I admire that as compared to phony or being a hypocrite. Leanne was part of the breakup and karma has shown up at her doorstep.

    4. Angel says

      You need a clue. Brandi kicked Eddie out, he didn’t leave. Eddie thought Leann was going to be a safe affair because she was also married. Leann outed the affair and arranged the video of their dinner to be released. She stalked him until Brandi had no choice but to leave. She is mentally unstable and I’m afraid for those boys. I know all parties personally and this is the truth.

  2. California Granny says

    It takes a balls for a woman to cheat on her own husband and STEAL another woman’s husband.
    If she is been cheated on her by new husband. THAT IS KARMA What goes around comes around.
    Like somebody else said, KARMA IS A BITCH.

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