Demi Lovato Gets Thrown Under The Bus On X Factor – (VIDEO)

This has everyone buzzing on what else we can expect on Wednesday evening. As X Factor’s second season gets closer and closer, the producers have treated us with many promotional videos, with the funniest one being the video they shared yesterday. An older man takes to the stage to audition for the show, but he didn’t seem to impress any of the judges with his “dance” moves – forgetting that it’s a singing competition.

As the judges go ahead with their thoughts of the performance. Simon Cowell said it was all “just wrong” before the contestant added: “I work way too freaking hard for this” while shaking his head in disappointment. Demi Lovato was quick to get a sentence in as she added: “A lot of people work really really hard for their dreams, but it’s not meant for everyone”.

And what happens after that – utterly priceless. This will definitely have us all watching. Let’s just say… Britney Spears does it really, really well.

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