Jenelle Evans & Kieffer Delp Split Again for the 900th Time

Jenelle Evans & Kieffer Delp Split Again for the 900th Time

Another day, another break-up for Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans. Just like past break-ups this one is no different, Evans broke up with her on-again, off-again boyfriend Kieffer Delp this past Sunday. This brings it to probably the hundredth time they have split and reconciled in the two years that they have been together, which is probably more than Evans has seen her young son Jace.

 On Sunday Evans tweeted “Planning something to try and make my bf realize something, totally backfired :/ this might be the end of things…” Wonder what the girl had planned? Perhaps if Evans just came straight out to tell Delp what was on her mind they would still be together. Whatever happened after that tweet was something bad because it turns out that the two went for a cigarette run, but things got heated and he even went as far as to take her phone from her. Girl, get over this douche. You already had him thrown in jail, take a hint, he’s no good for you!

As the hours past it seemed that Evans manged to maybe get her phone back by tweeting, “My support system = me, myself, and I … Please just let me run away, far away. Can’t have friends cuz of society, can’t trust a soul. :'(“. It wasn’t made clear who did the breaking up this time around  but Delp tweeted that he was moving on. “Single, making money without anyone’s help. Fresh start tomorrow morning! So excited,” Kieffer wrote. While Jenelle tweeted in sadness, Kieffer was ready to move on and fast. It sounds like Delp has had enough of Evans and kicked her to the curb. I don’t understand why you let yourself fall into this guys trap over and over again. If you focused on getting better and losing this guy years ago, maybe there would have been a better outcome for you having a better relationship with your son, since your mom is raising him and everything.

 Young love sure is a strange thing!


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