Ramona Singer says Aviva Drescher Is Self-Absorbed

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Ramona Singer says Aviva Drescher Is Self-Absorbed

If you saw last night’s episode of The Real Housewive’s of New York City last night then you know that the catfight between Aviva Drescher, Ramona Singer and Sonja Morgan continues. Ramona and Sonja headed to St. Barth’s for a girls’ trip and when Aviva brought her husband, Reid, along the dynamics changed completely. Ramona and Sonja, drunkenly tried to explain this to a Gestapo-like Aviva on multiple occasions until the whole situation got old. The single girls want to unwind and party, Aviva is the uptight dorm mother that expected balloons and confetti to fall from the sky simply because she showed up. It has been ugly and even the most easy going of the ladies (Heather Thompson and Carole Radziwell) have been pushed to the brink. Ramona took to her blog to slam Aviva after the fact saying,

“Aviva said she expected me to put up a banner welcoming her, are you kidding me? One minute she’s angry at me for talking about her prosthetic leg, and the next she’s angry because I’m not talking about or acknowledging her phobias. I can’t win with her.

I snapped and told her to leave my room. We are on vacation and she’s becoming a stick in the mud. She’s draining all the happy energy out of everyone. There seems to be no reasoning with her. Aviva just seemed to be very self-absorbed and it was all about her.”

Normally Ramona grates my nerves but in this case I absolutely agree with her. Aviva is self absorbed and acting like an entitled brat. Through out the whole episode she claimed to not want to be the center of attention, while talking incessantly about her feelings, anxiety and so on.  It went from a girls trip to an Aviva-brings-the-drama-nonstop trip. Enough already.

Do you agree with Ramona’s take on Aviva being a selfish stick in the mud? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Notforme says

    Aviva is a pit bull. Her pervert father the “sex addict” doesn’t enter her thought process when she is calling Ramona and Sonja “white trash”. I would not be proud of that father of hers. He evan made and incestuous remark about his own daughter. So what really is trash? no matter what color. I thought Jill Zaran was really bad but Aviva is on a different planet. I imagine Reed is a bird of a feather.

    1. judith says

      Zarin and Drescher they are both ”jewish”…what do you expect?
      The old man is a pervert…filthy human being….

  2. margaret says

    aviva made even sonja and ramona look good . she looked like a fool and was just catty and bitchy and it was so not needed , she should have stayed home ,. what goes around comes around,. carol is the only sane looking one this season, time to recast or good bye newyork housewives,.mm

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