Kate Middleton Topless Pics Published, Naughty Or Not So Bad? (Photos)

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Kate Middleton Topless Pics Published, Naughty Or Not So Bad? (Photos) 0914

Reportedly, Kate Middleton is going back and forth between being “furious” and “saddened” by Closer magazine’s decision to publish topless photos of her while she was on vacation with her husband, Prince William, in Provence a couple weeks ago. The palace has confirmed the pictures are real and is currently huffing and puffing about taking legal action. I don’t know why they bother. The pics are out. Everyone can go online and see them and they’re really not all that bad. If anything, Kate should look on the bright side and be stoked. Her body is amazin’ and doesn’t have the anorexic quality it was flirting with around her wedding last year. Women (and men) would kill for her butt!

The pics are actually kind of cute too. There’s a lot of affection between Kate and William. You can tell there’s a lot of love (and lust) there! And who wants tan lines? I don’t know any girl who hasn’t taken her top off when she thought she was alone catching some rays. If anything, this just shows how normal and comfortable William and Kate are.

But still… are you worried about the backlash? I am. William is crotchity. William is no push over like his father. He will get all high and mighty and will do anything he can to protect his wife. It’s sexy but annoying because I have a feeling we’re going to be seeing a whole lot less of Kate Middleton after this Diamond Jubilee tour is over. William knows what the people want. The public wants Kate. We love seeing pics of her and I bet he might hide her away for awhile to teach the tabloids a lesson. No new Kate pictures means lower sales. So enjoy the next week people because I’m afraid that’s all the Kate we’ll get for awhile. Luckily for us, whenever we start feeling those withdraw symptoms cave in, we can just look up her topless pics again. They’ll be the gift that keeps on giving for awhile!

What do you think of the Duchess of Cambridge topless photos – naughty or really not that bad?

Photo Credit: Closer magazine/Barcroft/Fame Pictures

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  1. al jablan says

    The whole royal family even the new members ie spouses must be infected by a stupidity virus. What the hell do they expect? They are famous, people are interested in them and anything they do will be immediately reported commented upon photographed filmed published. So if you dont want your princely butt ogled or your ducal breasts stared at dont expose them.
    Once I urged my wife to take off her top when we were on a lake canoeing and only seagulls mosquitoes or the odd otter or loon might see her. There was no one else on the lake or the access road but we could have had no complaint if someone from far away used a binocular to spy on us.
    Hm I do agree that taking a photo would have been excessive.
    Once assisting in the OR my green OR pants fell off and the circulating nurses got a camera and took a picture of my rear. Actually I had secure underwear on. Then I asked them to pull up my pants and tie the strings tighter. I was of course scrubbed and couldnt touch my pants. For a few years I heard the nurses lounge was decorated by a view of my fat butt. What could I do but laugh about it.
    I also skinny dip in ice cold Lake Superior when I hear no voices or motors but when I do I either sink to my neck or quickly scramble to shore and put on the trunks. When wet they are the worst thing in this frigid climate.
    My wife though refuses to take her swimming clothes off taking no chances. Anytime a jetski or powerboat might appear out of nowhere.
    Kate took chances she lost and she has no one to blame but herself. Lets say she wasnt in public nor in private but a semi private location. So it was not secure.
    A wardrobe malfunction is only a problem for very foolish hypocrites.

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