Panic At The Palace: Kate Middleton Topless Photos Released (Photo)

Panic At The Palace: Kate Middleton Topless Photos Released (Photo)

There is panic at the Palace tonight.  On the heels of the Prince Harry’s nude romp scandal a French magazine Closer is claiming they have snaps of Kate Middleton topless.  The magazine claims on their site they have, “Kate and William their hot Second Honeymoon in Provence”  They go on to claim to avoid tan marks Kate took off her bikini top.

It turns out the pics were snapped while Kate and William were on their latest vacation at Chateau D’Autet in Provence. It’s owned by a nephew of the Queen and the royal couple took a timeout there before embarking on their Pacific tour. Kate and William obviously had no idea they were being spied on and were papped sunbathing on the balcony and swimming in the pool. Harmless enough, right? The only problem was Kate wasn’t wearing her top!

I am hoping the photos are faked and photoshopped.  But it seems odd that the magazine would claim they have the snaps because one thing for sure the palace is coming a knocking and they better be able to put up!

How shocked are you by the news? Sure we all feel sorry for her, but how silly are the Cambridges for thinking they had that kind of privacy? Shouldn’t they have learned their lesson from the honeymoon photo leak?  Hit the comments and let us know your thoughts?


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