Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Building A “Massive House” Together In Tarzana, Los Angeles

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Justin Bieber has the money, while Selena Gomez spends it, right? According to reports, the Biebs and Selena are currently in early stages of building their first home together in Tarzana, Los Angeles. The two have been dating for nearly two years and while Justin recently purchased another home in Los Angeles for himself, he’s not wanting to settle down for just having one.

Bieber who is worth $110 million would most likely cover the costs for the home as Selena is only worth a measly $5.5 million, despite the fact that she’s been in the business for a longer period of time. Nevertheless, it doesn’t really matter who’s paying for the house, all that matter is that they have a new home that they built together on their ideas.

A source told Hollywoodlife: “Justin and Selena are building a massive home together in Tarzana. It’s just a dirt lot right now with some pipes, but it has a generous panoramic view of the San Fernando Valley.”

Bieber is currently preparing for his ‘Believe’ North American tour while Selena is gearing up to promote her latest movie Spring Breakers, alongside co-stars Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Benson.

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  1. ann says

    the way the story is portrayed is so digusting. if u even had a measly 1 million you would be over the moon.let her be, idiots.

    1. Cyberblaster says

      The last time I heard Selena’s 5.5 million income was from her income for 2010. Her income doesn’t seem to be growing after that year even though she’s earning more! Lol! It’s been repeated with the same amount every single year and Justin’s income seems to be growing as the year goes by, just look at how biased people are! Selena should actually have more than 5.5 million since 2011 after she started off her Dream Out Loud clothing collection sometime at the end of 2010. I heard that her company has an income of more than 100 million for 2011! Just a piece of advice, “Stop mocking people and don’t even mention any income if you’re not even sure, it just makes your website less credible!” Lol!

      1. Calvin Cassidy says

        Ha. Selena’s net worth is $5,5 million and nothing is going to change the facts, Forbes list tells me. I’m sure Justin pays for everything: travel costs, shoes, clothes, etc.

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