Lamar Odom Flies to Vegas After Huge Fight With Khloe Kardashian

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Lamar Odom Flies to Vegas After Fight With Khloe Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom married after a really short courtship—one that was counted in weeks, not months. The couple has appeared on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and also have a spin off show called Kourtney and Lamar. A source reported to Hollywood Life that the pair has been arguing! “Lamar and Khloe had a huge fight a few days ago,” the source reported. “It was so big that Lamar stormed out on her ass and went to Vegas!”

The couple have had a pretty stable marriage so far, at least according to the editors on their E! shows. Khloe recently got the X Factor hosting gig, which will require even more time way from home. I’d never expect Lamar to get this upset about anything though.

As loyal watchers know, he is normally happy to go with the flow. But the source also said, “Lamar’s normally a easy going, chill cat so whatever he and Khloe got into it about clearly pissed him off where he had to scoot over to Vegas. I heard that Khloe tried to call him for two days, but he sent her straight to voicemail. He’s trying to send her a message by just up and leaving her high and dry like that and not talking to her.”

I’m sure all of the work commitments, fertility problems, and being under the self-inflicted spotlight doesn’t help their relationship at all. And Lamar has been moving around with basketball teams a lot. Although he is currently attached to the LA Clippers, away games and intense training schedules are probably straining their relationship. I’m dying to know what the fight is about! We’ll report it here as soon as we know. Do you think Lamar’s drastic flight to Vegas will serve as a calm down period, or just add fuel to the fire?


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  1. carmen rentschler says

    Khloe Kartrashian is an ignorant, uneducated woman. Her show is entertaing in the way that a train wreck is morbidly entertaining. The woman cannot hold a decent conversation. She constantly refers to raunchy referrals about sex no matter what the conversation is about. She goes out of her way to talk nasty…..What man in his right mind would want a wife that behaves so inappropriately, (says to her brother; ‘do you want to fuck me?’) especially in front of millions of viewers? I’m sure that his friends, and I mean his REAL friends are rolling their eyes and gossiping about what a colossal mistake he made when he married her. Recalling their trip to Jamaica Queens, NY, I was appallled when KIM went along, the two sisters treated it as if it were a halloween trip,(trying to “dress” the part, at his old hood basketball court, he introduces her to an old friend and the stupid bitch did not even attempt to shake hands with the man, instead she made some idiotic comment that totally turned the man off. Lamar, RUN don’t walk away.

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