OJ Simpson Tried To Disqualify Prosecutors in His Appeal – Supreme Court Says Nu-uh!

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OJ Simpson Tried To Disqualify Prosecutors in His Appeal – Supreme Court Says Nu-uh!

OJ Simpson is one of those people who always attract attention, like a Kardashian in an orgy. Ever since his robbery and kidnapping conviction in 2008, OJ has been trying his utmost best to be exonerated from all charges, but he has hit a brick wall around every corner. According to The National Enquirer, “OJ’s appeal to disqualify the Clark County District Attorney’s Office from handling his appeal has been denied.

In 2008, Karma bit OJ in his face when he was convicted of a hotel room heist with five other people. They allegedly tried to reclaim sports memorabilia from a couple of dealers. According to OJ’s defense team during the trial, Simpson wanted to repossess family photos and mementos he claimed were stolen from him after his acquittal of the infamous Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman murder case – which he was later held accountable for after a civil trial.

According to The Nevada Supreme Court ruling, OJ will not be able to disqualify the prosecutors in his appeal trial, even though his own attorney has said that it’s a severe conflict of interest for the prosecutors. According to legal documents, Steve Wolfson, the lead prosecutor, is married to the Judge Jackie Glass, who presided and ruled over OJ’s trial back in 2008.

OJ’s appeal trial might not be OJ’s “Get Out Of Jail Free” card, but give it to the old sod, he never backs down from a lengthy court process – it is what made him really famous in the first place. OJ has a right to appeal, but he doesn’t have a right to demand respect from the media and the world. He lost that many years ago, when he publically became one of the most hated people in the world. Who murdered Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman? Sure as hell wasn’t Casey Anthony

Let us know in the comments below your thoughts on OJ’s lengthy court battles? Not to rehash old news, but do you think this conviction is karmic retribution?

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  1. Randy says

    This is a situation where you love him or hate him. Metro Police Dept stated that if OJ would have come to them first they would have helped get his stuff back for him. First of all what they would say was SORRY…thats a civil matter, nothing they would have done and second they would have said “Have you tried to get your stuff back already”. And as far as stating that OJ Killed his Ex Wife and her boyfriend we need to apply the law equally. He was found Not Guilty by a Jury and whether we agree or not, thats the facts. We all have our opinions and that should never come into play especially when you state, “He lost that many years ago when he murdered Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman.” Drop it allready, thats old news. As far as asking for the DA to excuse himself,he has a right to ask,as it could influence the courts judgement as the Judge and DA are married. But let the courts decide. As for my opinion he was guilty BUT the jury has decided and we must acknowledge that and accept it good or bad he just had the better lawyer that time.

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