Report: Prince Harry Explains To The Queen About Why He Had His Naked Romp

Report: Prince Harry Explains To The Queen About Why He Had His Naked Romp

It seems Prince Harry explained to his grandmother Queen Elizabeth II why he had his crown jewels on display.  Prince Harry was caught on camera naked in Las Vegas while partying with casual pals he picked up at the casino bar.  The release of these photos was a terrible blow to the Palace and rumor has it the randy Prince took a lot of flack for them.

Word on the street is creative Harry has come up with an excuse as to why he had the naked romp.  Prince Harry admits his behavior was unacceptable but Harry had some terrible premonitions he was going to die during his Afghanistan war zone duty so he wanted one last fling before he headed to the great beyond.

National Enquirer has the scoop on the story from one of their snitches: “Prince Harry’s on a four-month tour flying attack helicopters against the Taliban as a co-gunner – meaning he’ll be firing the aircraft’s weapons.  The prince, who’s 28, told his grandmother and father that after his nagging visions of dying in action, he let down his guard and partied with no regard for consequences.  And it’s been revealed that he told his brother, PRINCE WILLIAM, of the death premonitions just before departing for America.”

Initially the Queen and Prince Charles did not buy the excuse for one minute, after all this is not Prince Harry’s first rodeo.  They both felt it was just a convenient excuse for his wild behavior.  However, after The Taliban announced their goal of kidnapping and/or killing Prince Harry, The Queen is having second thoughts.

What do you think, do you buy Prince Harry’s excuse?  Hit the comments and let us know your thoughts.

Image credit: FlynetUK/FAMEFLYNET

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