Will Teresa Giudice Be Fired from RHONJ?

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Will Teresa Giudice Be Fired from RHONJ?

Say it isn’t so! Sources over at Bravo’s hit show, The Real Housewive’s of New Jersey are saying that there are rumblings that Teresa Giudice could be on her way out when it comes time to renegotiate next season’s contracts. The reality star generates tons of controversy and at this point she is on the outs with pretty much the entire cast of the show. Her touching off the current “strippergate” mess seems to have caused somewhat of a long-term (if not permanent) rift between her and the other ladies. Says the insider,

“Producers may shake up the series next season and get rid of Giudice. Although she creates all the drama, the other Housewives hate her and her storyline is getting stale — she holds on to the same grudges!”

It’s true, all of Teresa’s battles have gone on for years. Especially the family feud between the Giudice’s and the Gorga’s. Teresa has never accepted her brother’s wife and it’s a situation that she makes worse every time an opportunity arises. The battles are old and can only be rehashed so many times over, but people tune in to see what devious behavior she’ll conjure up next.

Meanwhile, all the other housewives’ want her gone. Period. Even Jacqueline Laurito, who was basically Teresa’s best friend, now hates her guts. It’s clear that the producers have a serious decision to make, keep Teresa around for the sake of continuing the same drama or cut her and breathe new life into the other ladies interactions. The question is this, would there really be anything to watch if Teresa leaves? She is the catalyst to everything that happens, isn’t she?

Is it time to fire Teresa or would it be a huge mistake? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. ba1 says

    This last flap with Theresa – stripergate – actually was not her fault. The owner of that store that invited all the women to the fashion show looks like to me set Theresa up to get more info when the owner of the salon said her brother’s wife had danced for him. She continued to quiz him for details after Theresa emphatically said she didn’t want to hear about it and even left the room when that store owner wouldn’t leaave it alone.

    She is also probably the one that invited him to the fashion show to ask Joe’s wife if she remembered him. Theresa didn’t say anything because she and her sister-in-law had just reconciled and who would want to open a new can of worms like that?

    Maybe she should have said something to her sister in law about what happened so she could confront that shop owner, but it definately was NOT Theresa’s fault!

    1. Emmy101 says

      From what I hear that whole scene in the Salon was staged.
      Given the fact that Melissa never was a dancer in that club
      it’s looking more and more like a setup on someones part.
      There has been an unamed source that came forward to say Theresa and Kim were in on this and the whole scene did seem
      like alot of bad acting. Watch it again and you will see.
      THeresa should be ashamed of herself.

    2. Debra says

      I say fire the biatch, all she does is start trouble with the other house wife’s. She’s like a worn out record that needs to be thrown out on garbage day.

    3. Jennifer says

      Hello??? Do you not know Theresa? This may be reality TV but you can’t tell me its not possible that Theresa did set up the whole thing. Please. She is nothing but a trouble maker. I say she should go, and that slimeball hubbie of hers.

  2. Nan says

    About all that’s left of RHONJ IS Teresa. I used to like that old redhead, the fake one, but she’s gotten old and bitter and I can’t stand to see her face or hear her. Strange, because she used to be my favorite, but now she’s just too jealous, bitter, nasty. Jacqueline is a nobody and has nothing to offer without the others She serves as a mirror, a reflector, of the other housewives and their problems and antics. On her own, she’s nobody. Gorga really is a jealous slut and comes across as one. The whole feud thing started because Gorga was angry that Teresa was on the show in the beginning and wanted to be on, too. At first, Teresa didn’t want her on, but now there she is, and you are talking about getting rid of the only reason Melissa is on there? If there had been no Teresa, there’d be no reason to ever put Melissa on. And she really CANNOT SING. Why y’all insult Teresa so is a mystery. Donald Trump saw the real Teresa and grew to respect and admire her. Maybe you need to take a clearer look.

    1. rick says

      then again maybe not! teresa is the catylst for all the drama created.She is conniving, she wants it to be only about her and will stop at nothing to make sure that this is the case.I think melissa has one of the best voices of all the crazy housewives.I love her and her hubby!!! KICK teresa to the curb, that will give her time to start selling her cheezy cookbooks door to door!

  3. Tori says

    Theresa is about the only thing worth watching on this show. Jacqueline is a cry baby,Caroline never shuts her mouth and Cathy is always looking to start trouble. If Theresa goes,I’m done with the show.

  4. Bertie Haswell says

    All of the other ladies should go; Teresa had nothing to do with the last feud! She is the only interesting one on the show; I’ll stop watching if Teresa leaves.

  5. Dee says

    She and her family are the reason i watch. If they go, they I’ll stop watching the show.

  6. jrcole says

    it is time she is always harping on the same thing i think they shd bring bk danielle as a big surprise and kim g the poshe owner needs the boot as well but bring bk the old lady kim she was a hoot

  7. Robin says


    1. VAGrand says

      Right on Robin!

  8. Georgette says

    Please fire her, she is a loud mouth, ignorant woman. I cannot watch the whole show because of her rantings and denials, she is annoying as well as her husband and her undisciplined kids.

  9. Bren Boyd says

    N0! NO! NO! Teresa is a saint for tolerating (as well as she does) the continous, vile and nasty spewing from DonCaro and Kathy and MeGo. I feel sorry for Jacqueline, but she is a dim light to follow in the footsteps of those deluded and malicous femles.

    1. karen says

      So you enjoy hearing her call Caroline a c— and telling her to f— herself, asking
      Joe if he wants to put his finger up her a— on live TV and having sex in the vineyard
      all for her daughters to see?
      Have at it. There are things I’d rather see – like a horror movie.

  10. tina says

    I’m so tire of her, really wish she go and put someone else. Its seems to be the same with her everytime. I’m waiting to see if she comes back if she does I’m no longer watching.

  11. karen says

    She absolutely needs to go! This show has revolved around her crassy, trashy, manipulative,
    mean spirited antics far too long. I will not watch again if they give her another season.
    She is intolerable. I’d rather watch Danielle.

  12. Missy says

    This smells like another article with the bitter, jealous sister in law (aka Melissa) throwing Teresa under the bus by feeding stories to tabloids as an anonymous source. More and more fans are seeing through the shenanigans and blatant Teresa bashing. Teresa is the STAR of the show and going nowhere because she is the ONLY one worth watching. She is also
    the only one that has not changed her personality or looks since the show began.

    1. mb9598 says

      Are you kidding??? This show has totally gone to Teresa’s head and she has become totally obnoxious and full of herself. Which is why everyone on the show now hates her!

  13. Stephanie says

    Oh my gosh! Keep Teresa!!! I will definitely stop watching RHONJ if they let her go.

  14. Rebecca says

    I quit watching the show because of Teresa. She is extremely violent. Her husband is abusive, and worst of all, her children are so ill-behaved. She laughs at all the rude things her daughters do. Regardless of the other women and how people think they treat Teresa, there is no excuse for her husband and children’s behavior.

  15. lilly says

    PUHLEEEZE!! Everyone, even the haters, know that TERESA GIUDICE is the only person keeping RHONJ from going the way of RHODC!
    She is FABULOUS in every way,and the bitter miserable hyenas Caroline and Kathy are super jealous. The former “dancers” Melissa and Jacqueline are BORING!

    I hope Teresa gets her own show and leaves these broads to sit around and talk about NOTHING.
    That only worked for Seinfeld.

  16. Tracy says

    Get rid of that frog eyed bitch! Her husband is dipping his D@#K elsewhere and she knows it! Yet she acts like she is perfect, REALLY?

  17. Patricia C says

    I thought it was reported that she had already signed. She being the only one so far.

  18. JWIII says

    Give her, that husband and those four horrid girls the heave-ho. Adios!! With both Teresa and her husband it’s always the same thing – they never do anything wrong and know everything. Isn’t Joe suppose to start his fraud trial soon? But I don’t care to watch it. You started filming early because you though T&J would be on trial for their bankruptcy “issues”, but that blew up in Bravo’s face. Nothing in this last episode added up – Like why would Teresa go along with Kim D to that tacky dump of a salon. She was in on it, she’s just pinning it on Kin D. Take her out of the equation and see what happens. BTW, Melissa’s new single “I just wanna” is HOT!!!! Really hot. She’s the one to watch.

  19. momoftwins says

    NOOOO!!! If Theresa goes, I’m not watching anymore!!! The other housewives are so boring!!! 🙂

  20. Easelle says

    I’m so sick of Teresa. I wish Bravo would just fire her already, I don’t want to see her next season. I’m not finding her drama to be all that entertaining I just find it annoying. I’d rather see what’s going on with Kathy, Jacqueline, Caroline and Melissa’s life and maybe add another new housewife (hopefully not someone like Teresa or Danielle). I wish the show was like it used to be but I have to say I really don’t like it anymore. I will however miss Teresa’s kids.

  21. Wolfie says

    hmmm. if teresa goes, the show will really be awful. It is awful now, but mainly because of the oily and creepy Manzos. OMG. Those boys..especially Christopher…an oily little chubby mama’s boy. And the daughter. What a horror show. None of them have ever done anything on their own. And Caroline…..most self-righteous hypocrite I’ve ever seen. The Manzos should go, please! They are so boring. And the Lauritas..they are bad. but not the worst. Mainly just boring. Melissa and Joe, oh, icky icky and creepy. I fast forward through anything they do. Kathy and Richie…again, boring boring boring. Richie is a pig. Joe Guidice is a pig. In fact, all of the men on this show are absolutely horrible.

    But the powers that be will make the decision. They need a clean sweep as I see it.

  22. dvdcsr says

    You know the saying “It takes one to know one”? Now the table turning incident makes sense. Liars know liars and she probably felt intimidated and resorted to drastic measures. Just my opinion.

  23. gs says

    show would be zero without her
    u think people would watch no

  24. Wisegal says

    I am with the other people commenting on this, if Theresa leaves the show will have no drama and not be worth watching. She must stay or everyone’s 15 minutes of fame will be over immediately.

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