Strippergate Puts Permanent End to Jacqueline Laurito and Teresa Giudice’s Friendship

Strippergate Puts Permanent End to Jacqueline Laurito and Teresa Giudice’s Friendship

Once upon a time ago The Real Housewive’s of New Jerseys’ Jacqueline Laurito and Teresa Giudice were best friends. They shared everything from dirty family secrets to Italian recipes, until one day, Jacqueline got smart. She started questioning Tre on all of the crap that was turning up in the tabloids. Of course Tre got angry and starting slamming Jacqueline. What started off as genuine concern turned into a nasty stand off.

In the most recent episode it became glaringly apparent that Tre set up her sister-in-law, Melissa Gorga. The two have rarely gotten along and since Tre saw an opportunity to cause drama, everyone assumes she jumped on it. Angelo runs a salon where Tre had her make up done and he also claimed to manage Melissa when she danced at a gentlemen’s club, Lookers. A few short hours later, Angelo ended up at the same fashion show as the rest of the ladies and he had the gaul to walk up to Melissa in an attempt to catch up.

Jacqueline is now claiming that a friend of hers was texting her to warn her that Angelo was bragging about how he was about to set Melissa up. She confronted Tre because they both know, no one else has a reason to go after Melissa but her. Teresa, being a true Giudice, tried to turn the tables and accuse Jacqueline of setting everything up and that’s when the bottom of their friendship completely fell out with Jacqueline screaming,

“Why the f**k would I set up your sister-in-law, who I happen to like? Who has the motives here? You. You don’t like your sister-in-law. Now I know we’re not friends because how dare you try to turn that around on me.  How dare you? You’re disgusting. You’re scum. I am completely done.”

Jacqueline is probably the easiest housewife to get along with and she generally shuts down rather than actively engage in any kind of drama so this whole clash is just pivotal. I’m nearly positive that there will be no coming back from this fight, what do you think? Do you think Melissa was set up?  Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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