Rihanna Confirms New Single ‘Diamonds’ Release Date, Explains That It’s Not Another Dance Song

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Phew – just when we thought Rihanna would never stop bringing out dance music, she surprises us all. The singer has announced that her upcoming single called Diamonds will be a much more happier song – putting the dance music behind her. Ri, who performed at the iHeartRadio Music Festival earlier this week, is gearing up for another tour, which she announced earlier this month, that will support her next album – expected in November.

Rihanna explained that her new single gives her a good feeling when she hears it back, before adding that she just loves great music: “It’s laid-back but it’s hopeful. It’s a record that… gives me such a great feeling when I listen to it. The lyrics are very hopeful and positive, but it’s about love and… a little different to what people would expect, I think.

“I’m excited about that,” she continued. “I’m excited to surprise them sonically. When I make an album, that’s what I think about; what I want to hear, what I love to hear,” she explained. “I think that’s what my fans love… I always want to make it interesting for them. I always want to make it a little fresh and a little ahead of what’s on the radio.

She finished saying: “That’s the challenge for me,” she said, “but I enjoy that.” Rihanna will be going on a world tour early March – while the tour has been given the official title as Diamonds Tour. Pretty silly, but as long as the music is good, we’ll come and see her! Ha.

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