Kate Middleton Apologizing Non-stop To Prince William Since Topless Photos Released

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Kate Middleton Apologizing Non-stop To Prince William Since Topless Photos Released

Poor Kate Middleton has been mortified since topless photos of her were released by Closer Magazine.  Two weeks ago I thought Kate Middleton’s topless scandal was finally over but the Dutch had different ideas. Se Og Hor magazine published its second set of Kate Middleton nude photos because obviously it was so nice they had to do it twice. And this wasn’t just the same old photos everyone’s been reusing.

Closer magazine struck first but Italy’s Chi magazine gave everyone a big old let down when they basically released the same boob shots. Se Og Hor upped the ante with the duchess in a new blue bathing suit… and a nice fuzzy pic of her gasp…. bottomless.

Kate Middleton has been apologizing non-stop to Prince William since the release of the topless and bottomless photos.  Kate feels she has embarrassed her husband, Prince William and his family.

“Kate is mortified,” a palace insider tells OK!. “Since she and William met, she’s constantly been on guard against embarrassment. When they used to go away with William’s friends, Kate would lecture everyone on what not to do in case there were photographers.”

What do you think about the photos?  Has this ruined Kate’s image or is it all a tempest in a teapot?  Hit the comments and let us know your thoughts!


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  1. Nan says

    It will all blow over soon, as another scandal or tragedy will take over the gossip news. Look at the Harry thing – already forgotten. Catherine was on vacation in a private home with her husband by her side. He was with her in just about all the photos, in his own bathing suit. He was topless, too, did you notice? It’s not like she was out in public, or with another man, or even alone in some other resort, but with her husband. He can’t be angry with her because he might have encouraged her to sunbathe nude, who knows? I’m not for nudity like that, and the best bet is really to keep your clothes on at all times outside of the house, in the yard, wherever, and inside to close the curtains when you undress. Our mamas taught us that, or should have. She can’t be perfect, and I’m sure she’ll do or say something that will get the media in a uproar, but what can you do? I made someone real mad this week, and I didn’t intend to, but it had some consequences and has caused some aggravation. It’s just part of being human. If I had to live over that moment, I’d have done something differently, not because I did the wrong thing, because I’m not sure I did, but just to avoid the mess that resulted. It’s all part of life.

  2. kimcheee says

    I don’t think it will blow over as long as Queen Eliabeth II is alive. Kate was impossibly stupid to be naked outside like that. You can count on the paparazzi following her on all vacations. It is a given. I bet the Queen herself hired the pap that took the photos! A future Queen can’t be such a ninny. Grow some judgement and discipline, Kate. You married into the most evil family on Earth.

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