Justin Bieber Greets Arizona To A Milky Treat, Star Vomits On Stage After Falling Ill – But The Show Must Go On!

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Justin Bieber is a true fighter, though we would have preferred him to make the exit from the stage a little earlier. The singer welcomed the crowd to his vomit – and we’re happy we weren’t sitting in the first row at the concert, otherwise we’d be smelling that vomit. Yuck – though his true fans must have loved it.. finally getting to know what his puke smells like. Ha.

Bieber was close to passing out after performing at his first show for his Believe tour in Arizona. Justin sang through several songs before walking down the stairs to continue the choreography he was planned to do, before he suddenly facing his butt to the audience as he bent over and puked the milky substance out of his stomach. It wasn’t too nice to look at. Yikes!

While Bieber haters have said he threw up because he heard his own voice, the funniest one remained to be that one person who went to the concert said that when the 18-year old was puking, it was the only time he was in tune throughout the whole show. It made us chuckle, considering many songs were lip-synched due to their high dance routines.

But, we can never understand is this: if Lady Gaga can do it without any issues, so should Britney,- let’s hope Justin doesn’t turn out the new Ms. Spears by lip-synching every single performance. Ha. Check the video out below! It’s pretty nasty. Oh, but we give credit to the Biebs for carrying on like a true professional. As he returned to the stage he told his fans:

“It’s hard for me, you know, not feeling great and throwing up in front of a bunch of people,” he said. “Will you love me even though I’m throwing up on stage?”

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