Christie Brinkley Good Genes Or Good Doctors?

Christie Brinkley Good Genes Or Good Doctors?

Model and Cover Girl Christie Brinkley is 58 years old. Can you believe that by looking at that this woman’s face? I sure can’t and seems like I’m not the only one either. It seems though this may have been due to the excessive plastic surgery Brinkley is rumored to have had done.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn, who has not done treatment on the model, lists off a laundry list he believes that Brinkley has done to seem to give her a more youthful look. “Her skin is flawless, possibly due to a combination of laser treatments and chemical peels. Her forehead is impossibly smooth. Impossible without maybe a little Botox? I also suspect her upper eyelids have been lifted surgically.”

If you go back and look at pictures of Brinkley in the 80’s it sure seems that Dr. Youn has a valid point, her face is nearly identical. “It appears that Christie is a cover girl for plastic surgery,” said Youn, a board certified plastic surgeon and member of the American Society for the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. “Overall she still looks like a young Uptown Girl.”

So can I blame a woman in the entertainment industry for getting some nips and tucks done? Not really. It seems more acceptable to do when you live your life in front of the camera all the time. Although I will say when your former husband cheats on you with a girl about the same age as your daughter you are bound to do something to feel young again. Brinkley cannot be blamed for getting plastic surgery, if she has in fact got any, but what she should be blamed for is giving into the temptations of keeping her looks up when we all know no normal 58 year old mother of three looks like that all naturally.

Image credit: Parisa/FameFlynet Pictures

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