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  1. I LUV M3 says

    watch wat u say gurly

  2. Angie says

    Dont sweat this dumb shit..enjoy life..people will always be around to blow things out of proportion!

  3. Lauren says

    Who cares she’s a decent girl and very mature. Her and tyler are a inspiration compared to the amount if people that continuously breed bringing innocent children in to the world to not look after them. Get a life people it’s just a word!

  4. Shelby says

    There is a difference. I dnt think she was wrong. People just need excitment in there lives so they take something so little and make a big deal about it just to start drama. #haters

  5. ZombieBeauty says

    She retweeted something someone else said, right? (I’m not very “twitter-savy”, so I’m not positive how it all works). IMO yes, she needs to watch what she says/posts…she’s in the public eye, and is putting herself out there for public scrutiny, but it was a retweet…someone else’s words/thoughts. She can’t be held accountable for someone else’s choice of words. Had she of changed up the original post, someone would have called her out for that too. You can never win I guess.

  6. anonymous jon says

    me and my friend stayed up all night and watched a teen mom marathon months ago, y did it hold our interest for so long? it was funny screaming BITCH! and dude, joe is a dick!!! “you think this is a dog? its a baby!” furthermore. Y DO THEY HAVE THIS BITCH’S TWITTER, AND WHY IS SHE BEING REFERRED TO AS A PUBLIC FIGURE?!?! THEYRE TEEN PARENTS DAMMIT!!! WE SHOULDNT LOOK UP TO THEM!!! does the world really needs this explained to them? we all seem to forget, that these reality tv stars r there simply for entertainment, and not delivering life lessons. any fame after the fact, is a fucking joke.

  7. LIZZYG says

    I for one am so sick of people picking and choosing who can say “NIGGA” it’s a figure of speech and every one uses it one time or another! Lets focus on trying to help our country like the children who are hungry have no place to sleep then worry about what others are saying! GET A GRIP PEOPLE !

  8. Trisha says

    I think her followers are oversensitive.

  9. Jessy says

    She is her own person. I don’t think she should get hate for it.. She got hate for setting Carly up for adoption two, eventually she will be able to get over it. It’s okay.. Calm your tits guys

  10. Sharee says

    Its america we can say anything we want its called FREEDOM OF SPEECH…..

  11. noone says

    Leave her alone people. If it has the “a” ending it means you’re using it as a term of endearment or just being silly. But if it has the “r” ending that’s a completely different context. People are overreacting.

  12. Jen. H says

    It’s Just slang leave them alone. They are two words are different used like other words and everyone around always say’s it N….a :O. People need to get over petty stuff like this and look at people for the good things. Quit causing stupid drama. Just because she’s on television ,doesn’t mean she believes what everyone say’s.People just like to make up story’s to be noisy.

  13. Different day same shit says

    I think there is a difference and I’m not racist…there is a difference…but yes she should watch what she says on twitter.

  14. Sam says

    in many places, the “n” word is said like it’s normal.
    here in San Diego, everyone says the “n” word now.
    whether you’re white, latino, asian, etc.
    I mean, Catelynn should be able to watch what she says by now.
    but giving too much hate is kind of ridiculous.
    I LOVE YOU, CATELYNN. keep your head up, girl. <3

  15. jennifer says

    she can pist anything she wants on her twitter is noone elses business what she writes on there

  16. rebecca says

    No one would said word if she wasn’t in Tv. U can walk down street hear it no one say word.So chill out. People repost all time

  17. Angel says

    Who cares….everyone uses that word…this world is f’d up…wat can we do…nothin it happened it happened everyone makes mistakes poor girl, if u made a mistake & other ppl took it the wrong way…wat r u to do..?? F it…its done move on…poor girl…i’m sure she learned

  18. mel says

    Really who cares …. Im pretty sure she didint mean anything wrong by it lolll

  19. nikki says

    Omg really let the girl say what she wants doesn’t mean she is a racist

  20. megzi says

    They need to chill…. why is it alright for black people to call us crackers all they want but we get bitched at for saying nigga I personally think there is a difference between the two words and white people listen to now too so get over it

  21. Heather says

    the “n” word she used as slang mean a homie or friend, the “n” word its self which has been use to bring down people of African decent, is actually a word with the meaning of an ignorant person. it does not describe race at all. People are so sensitive when the word in question is used by a “white” person, but then turn around and use the same word toward their friends and family. its a double standard. i personally have friends of all races and they all use the word as slang, i dont condone using the word as a slam but come on people i dont think Cate was slamming anyone

  22. becki says

    would she have gotten backlash like this if she was the same person just african american and re-tweeted that word. if that were the case nobody would’ve even thought twice about it. i’m not racist but that’s how our society is. if a white person says it they’re a racist piece of shit. if a black person says it they’re “gangsta” it’s bullshit and people just need to get over themselves.

  23. shirley says

    My god, give the girl a break,no one is perfect,stop worrying about what she said and consentrate on your own lives

  24. Alex'Andria says

    Me being “black” myself I have the right to say it is a big difference between n*gro which I also hate that word (&&) nigga playing around I use that word with my friends (&&) family daily its nothing wrong with it stop bein childish (&&) let her live her life !

  25. Stacy says

    I think she didn’t mean anything by it, just another way for people to start sh*t over nothing! We live in America and we have the right to say what we want to say and its not up to one race or another to decide if NIGGA is racist when it is used all the time by EVERYBODY! No matter what color you are, we hear it everyday, its going to be used I’ve been trying for years to get this point ac
    rossed. STOP TELLING PEOPLE WHAT THEY CAN AND CAN NOT SAY AND WHAT IS AND IS NOT RACIST. WORRY ABOUT SOMETHING THAT ACTUALLY IS A REAL PROBLEM LIKE KIDS BEING BEAT AND PEOPLE STARVING ALL OVER THE WORLD< TWEET THAT! Stop being childish and get into the 20th century. We all have to live together so stop trying to pick and choose who can say what!

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