‘Britney Who?’ Did Demi Lovato Diss Britney Spears On Jimmy Kimmel? (VIDEO)

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Did Demi Lovato diss Britney Spears whilst appearing on Jimmy Kimmel last night? The pop star had been scheduled to appear on the show to promote the newest season of X Factor, which has been doing quite well in the ratings over the past few weeks. The former Disney princess shared her experiences with Simon Cowell and made it clear that she hated him very much, though we couldn’t tell if she actually meant it or if she was just joking. Ha,- she seemed pretty serious.

Asked on how she landed the role as a judge on one of the most-talked about shows in America, Lovato explained that she didn’t know if she would take the job because she had a lot of things going on for herself at the time, before adding that she’d probably too busy “for Simon’s little show”… and then she had everyone laughing when she said: “Britney, who?” But – before you jump to Spears’ defense, Demi was kidding.

We must say that Lovato knows how to handle herself really well, considering that she’s very young — and like Jimmy said, Demi is a very good judge on X Factor who gives good advice and great criticism to hopeful contestants, wanting to get a shot at becoming the next big thing. Speaking about having to decide whether she would join the show, Lovato said to Kimmel:

He called up one day, and I was like ugh, I don’t know about this. I’m too busy… for your little show. Britney who?” At that point the audience were laughing. Ha, – Demi seems great. If you missed the interview, make sure you catch PART 1 below:

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