An Early Birthday Present? Cheryl Cole Sends Katy Perry One Direction Dolls

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Cheryl Cole has sent Katy Perry One Direction dolls, knowing how much the singer loves the five boys. Cole and Perry who have become good friends after appearing on The Graham Norton show in September have been talking on the phone very often. Katy is already best friends with Rihanna, and Rih-Rih is very good friends with Cheryl, so it looks like these three are going to become the best of friends.

Katy’s birthday which is coming up very soon (25th October) is just around the corner, and though Cole would have loved to be with Katy, celebrating and getting drunk, she can’t because she’s currently on tour in the UK, but to make up for her missing her birthday, the former X Factor USA judge has decided to send the Grammy winner five very special dolls to make up for it.

“Cheryl and Katy have become close since they appeared on The Graham Norton Show,” a source told The Sun. “Cheryl’s been busy with her tour so she wanted to make sure she sent a present well in advance and let Katy know she was thinking of her. She knows what a big fan Katy is of the boys and how she has a major crush on all five of them so she knew Katy would love the dolls.”

Meanwhile, Katy recently shared her love for the group, saying: “They went and just saw the movie and tweeted some really nice things about it. They are very cute boys but very illegal for me,” The Irish Independent quote her.

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