Lindsay Lohan’s Dad To Judge: She Isn’t Healthy, Give Me Her Money!

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Lindsay Lohan's Dad To Judge: She Isn't Healthy, Give Me Her Money!

Considering how well conservatorship has been working for Britney Spears, you’d think celeb dads would learn their lesson and back off. But Michael Lohan has never been one to care what other people think, or worry about his daughter’s well being. We know it to be true–guy is a whore for fame and money! His newest plot to revenge his bad PR and climb the ladder of fame includes a judge officially giving him legal control of his daughter.

TMZ reported that Michael is seeking conservatorship on the grounds that Lindsay Lohan is using illegal drugs and surrounding herself with bad influences–like her mother and his ex wife, Dina Lohan. (Remember last week when Dina allegedly cut Lindsay in a limo? Lilo claimed Dina was on crack, then took back the statement. Either way, it was all very Bad Girls Club ghetto of them!) Last week Michael showed up at Lindsay’s house for an intervention, but she just called the cops and had him removed! She obviously wants nothing to do with this creep!

Although a source claims Michael doesn’t want to be named her conservator so that he isn’t accused of trying to steal her money, we’re pretty sure he’s buddy with whoever would be her official power of attorney. Why else would he be doing this if not for money? This man is hated by everyone in his family, including Lilo. If she really is sick, surely there is someone in her life who can step forward and try to get her help–someone who isn’t her estranged fame whore father? Talk about daddy issues! What do you think? Is Lilo unfit and in need of legal help, or is she just partying a bit too much but otherwise okay? Lilo’s first attempt at work airs this November on Lifetime–she stars in Liz & Dick, the story of Elizabeth Taylor. Worth putting on your DVR?

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