Chris Brown Wants To Propose To Rihanna, And You Already Know What Her Answer Will Be — YES!

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Now that he has gotten rid of his ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran, though they remain friends, Chris Brown can finally get back to the person he wants to beat up loves the most. The singer has been waiting to get back with Rihanna for years, and it wasn’t easy when he was ordered to stay away from RihRih after the incident back in ’09 went to court. However, the two have put the negatives behind them and are focusing on the positives… and that includes marriage.

Chris is supposedly wanting to propose to Rihanna, showing her that he has matured and wants to spend the rest of his life with the Bajan starlet. Brown has acknowledged his mistakes and wants to move forward – he doesn’t see any other way that marrying Rihanna that will prove to her he is a better man and wants to be taken seriously: “Chris was telling everyone – apart from Karr – that he was desperate to win Rihanna back,” an insider told Look.

“There was one night in the summer when Chris… turned around and said, ‘Let’s run off somewhere and get married’. Ri just laughed and said if he was going to propose, he had to do it properly – and without a girlfriend. Rihanna knows [a proposal is] going to happen and this time she will say ‘yes’.

The insider continued that though having music as one of her most-desired things in life ever since she was a little girl, another part of her really just wants to settle down and start a family with Chris: “She’s always thought of as a career girl, but really a big part of Ri just wants to have a family and marry the man of her dreams. And that – for Rihanna – is Chris.”

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