Is Khloe Karadshian The Most Hated Reality Show Host Ever

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Is Khloe Karadshian The Most Hated Reality Show Host Ever

Khloe Kardashian wins most hated reality show host EVER!!!

If you watched Khloe on the last two episode of The X Factor USA, you would have to agree.  She is awkward, her timing it totally off, she looks lost and she is just bad.  On her debut episode she wore a see-through blouse with her nipple clearly visible and spent most of the show flirting, or what she considers flirting, with Simon Cowell.  It was just embarrassing.

She followed up her debut performance by squishing herself into a dress one size too small which made her look like a stuffed sausage.  It seems like I’m not the only one who think she is a crappy host.  Allegedly fans of The X Factor have been yelling too and not only yelling but tuning out.  There has been a huge public backlash and ratings for the show are tanking.

People like Mario Lopez, no surprise, and are demanding that Khloe be removed and are going so far as to boycott the show until her KarTRASHian butt is kicked to the curb.

Before Khloe made her debut the X Factor USA was pulling 9 million U.S. viewers per episode.  On Khloe’s debut show 7.6 million U.S. viewers tuned in.  On her follow up episode 6.24 million U.S. viewers tuned in, more than 1 million less.

With numbers like that Khloe is going to have to do a lot more than flirting to keep her job as X-Factor host!


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  1. geocyn48c says

    give herself a chance,she is new on the job

  2. Joe says

    she has never been a host before and she is new so this is wrong and so many people love her and khloe has a perfect figure and she looks amazing in everything.

  3. Dez says

    Why would anybody judge her if it was all in fun!!!!!!! What is the big deal if she couldnt follow the prompts, she’s NEVER done this before and of course its not going to be perfect, Geez ppl get a fuck’n life, its not that serious. Who the F cares, its a show to have fun, its not like an acting gig. The bottom line is if your a Kardashian hater its not going to matter if she was good or not your STILL going to be a hater NO matter what, which is so immature and says alot about you. I cant say i hate them nor could i say i into them either but i wont spend my time hating on someone cause their rich. Maybe she did suck who knows but wasnt it in the name of fun. I know its news something to write but after a while its gets tired hearing how many ppl hate on them. Now, if she acted mean thats something to talk about but this right here is wasted space. YOU want to rant on someone rant on her sister Kim who posted some stupid shit about losing weight on FB seconds after Omaba won, instead of mentioning about her president. NOW THAT I COULD SEE YOU TALKING SHIT ABOUT!!!! SHE SHOULD HAVE BEEN EMBARRASSED!!!!!!!! WHAT AN IDIOIT ….

  4. brandy says

    Khloe is doing a decent job, yes she is awkward at times but she is NEW. Whoever wrote this article is obviously not a fan of the kardashians….khloe is obviously the best out of the bunch, its not her fault she is connected to the whole family. Give her a chance. And i cant imagine that HER fans didn’t hike up the ratings in the least bit…are you sure these numbers are right.

  5. John says

    I don’t care about the Kardashians one way or the other. But Khloe really does suck as a X Factor Host, she repeats stuff, moves around all the time, doesn’t know where to look. She is just terrible, time to let her go back to her sisters.

  6. Mark says

    I blame the mother Kris she pimps them all out,because no one what’s to see any of them and the daughter of O.J we really don’t want to see!

  7. Claudia says

    Thanks God she will be gone. She is simply ugly and awful as a host. I could not stand watching The X Factor with this woman.

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