Puppies, 50’s Inspired Photo Shoot, and One Direction

Puppies, 50’s Inspired Photo Shoot, and One Direction

One Direction can easily be labeled as the biggest boy band of our generation. After their short stint on X-Factor UK, the boys quickly climbed the charts to become one of the hottest selling pop groups of the past decade. Their superstar good looks and fit vocals gave them a smattering of female (and male) fans the world over. The latest One Direction photo shoot places the singers on UK’s Wonderland magazine, but they’re not smizing (smiling with their eyes) with slicked back hair, they’re posing with – wait for it – puppies.  If the cheese factor went any higher, these guys might be facing death by cottage cheese.

The One Direction peeps pose in a 50’s inspired good ol’ boy next door shoot with a puppy in their arms. Their colourful candy coloured sweaters and striped button-downs only mercifully allow us a reprieve from their Justin Bieber lyrics and boy band smirks. Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, and Louis Tomlinson will be embarking on their worldwide press tour for Take Me Home, their sophomore studio album. Recently, One Direction also posed for their British Vogue debut, a record honour for such a young music group. Styles told Vogue, “You’re never going to get used to walking into a room and have people screaming at you. There’s a lot of things that come with the life you could get lost in. But you have to let it be what it is. I’ve learnt not to take everything too seriously.

One Direction’s record breaking debut album, Up All Night, slaughtered the US and UK music industry, but the One Direction boys admit that their second album will be much more mature. Tomlinson recently told Celebuzz, “Obviously, there aren’t that many big changes, but I do think it’s just a better album. It does sound a bit more mature. We want the album to grow with us. We’re a year older, so our music sounds a bit older, I suppose.

Puppies, One Direction, and 50’s inspired photo shoots? It’s like a stairway to heaven for prepubescent teenagers. Take Me Home will be released internationally on the 13th of November – this will also be the day that the world ends.

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