Brooke Shields Pays Tribute To Her Mother “She Made Me Who I Am Today”

Brooke Shields Pays Tribute To Her Mother "She Made Me Who I Am Today"

Brooke Shields paid tribute to her mother who passed away!

Brooke’s mother, Teri Shields, died “peacefully” last Wednesday October 31st, 2012 from a long illness related to dementia.  Brooke and her mother did not always have an easy time but Brooke spoke lovingly of her mother after her death was announced.

She told E! News: “My mother was an enormous part of my life and of who I am today. “I loved her, laughed with her, and respected her. And although she had her share of struggles, she was my mom.”

The single mother who divorced her husband several months after Brooke was born began managing and promoting Brooke when she was 11 months old.  At the time she said about Brooke, “She’s the most beautiful child and I’m going to help her with her career.”   She kick-starting her career with a Dove advert and a Calvin Klein campaign when she was 15.  She said about Brooke.

Brooke took over managing her own career in her 20s and according to Brooke this caused problems with her mother.


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