Robert Pattinson Panicked About End Of Twlight–Is Fifty Shades of Grey In His Future?

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Robert Pattinson Panicked About End Of Twlight--Is Fifty Shades of Grey In His Future?

Fans of the world’s most famous sparkly vampire don’t seem like the type of people who would also be into BDSM novels about a sadistic billionaire, but they are when they’re one and the same! The series Fifty Shades of Grey was inspired by the character Edward Cullen from the Twilight series, and, not to typecast, Robert Pattinson is ready for his close up! The British star is reportedly super stressed and panicked about what he’ll do once the final installment of the vampire saga is released, but he already has a part lined up: as masochist Christian Grey!

In an interview with MTV, Robert showed quite a bit of enthusiasm when asked if he’d read any Twilight fanfic. His hasty reply? “I read a bit of the Fifty Shades of Grey once, before it was Fifty Shades of Grey. Master of the Universe!” I’ll admit that I didn’t know about Fifty Shades until this spring, but it seems rather odd for Rob to have found Master of the Universe, which was the fanfic title, all on his own!

Could it be that Rob just likes to stay in the loop with fan art, or is he scoping out his next big film series? While he isn’t my first pick for haughty, super rich, sex god Christan (I’m looking at you, Ian Somerhalder!), I suppose he could do well. And what is it they say about books growing with the readers? I think that transitioning from teen fiction to hard core porn lit counts! Of course, Rob didn’t say much more, and I wouldn’t expect him to. He tends to be very stoic and mum in interviews (except when he lets major gaffes slip, which I appreciate!), and he already has the accent down. Heck, he’d get to come to Seattle to film (my hometown), which should be quite a comfort as his Twilight hometown is just four hours west! Would you approve of a Rob/Edward/Christian casting situation?

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