Khloe Kardashian Snaps On Twitter, Warns Fans Not To F*ck With Her Family!

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Khloe Kardashian Snaps On Twitter, Warns Fans Not To F*ck With Her Family!

Considering that all her fame lies in being liked, and she has no talent, skill, or personality to fall back on when the bubble bursts, Khloe Kardashian would do well to remember to be nice to her fans! The X-Factor host (by the way, can we agree that she really sucks as a host? I watched two minutes tonight and couldn’t stop staring at her feet, constantly shuffling around like some sort of sad fish in a shallow puddle, struggling for life. I know there’s a learning curve, but really, people.) took to her Twitter account and posted, “Don’t you ever f**k with my family! Don’t try me because you really don’t know.”

Now the fun part: What don’t I know? I have to think that the mega-tall baby sister of whore Kim Kardashian and baby farm Kourtney Kardashian means that she is going to take a blunt object to my head. Or perhaps claw my eyes out with her long and pointy acrylic nails. No matter what the punishment for f*cking with her family is, it’s probably a felony.

But what sparked this anger? I’m racking my head for really big news–Kendall Jenner is looking pretty thin, Kim  may or may not have butt implants, may or may not be engaged. Momager Kris Jenner is as pathetic as always, prancing after her exploited kids while dressed as one on the way to a funeral (her own metaphorical one?). Unless one of her sisters is being investigated by the FBI (again) for possession of child pornography (naughty Kourtney had some raunchy pics with a high school boyfriend once), I don’t know what caused the giantess to snap! Theories? And if you’re south of San Francisco, watch out. You never know when the dragon woman will unfold from thin air and snap your neck.

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  1. west says

    She’s a fat ass nobody

  2. brian says

    This coming from an amazon looking tranny..I keep looking for an adams apple…Screw you your whole family is a sham, it’s a real shame the whole world is sucked into the kardashian curse…you deserve the uppercut like the passenger on the bus in cleveland I just saw on TMZ.

    1. Lizzie says

      Brian’s comment IS GRRRR88888!!!!

  3. jdubu2 says

    Wow that was an ugly hate filled little piece of bad writing. Khloe being a fat-ass? come on already, the girl is a size 6, if that ‘s considered fat then I am totally fat. and guess what I totally rock my body. you sound like a mean spirited, hateful full of self dread and hate that I myself wonder if most of what you said is projection. you really shouldn’t cast a stone, while she is not the best host on the Xfactor she is doing something she gets paid for very well, how much do you get paid for your “writing” / blog post? you are a poor excuse for a writer, maybe you should go apply for the host job on the Xfactor. LOL smh.

    1. 4_kicks says

      Then you are fat!

  4. sheila says

    Las KARDASHIANS solo viven de los demas, si empezaron siendo amigas de Paris hilton y demas amiguitas. La Kim con su video de sexo asi empezo… No son artistas, ni nada , solo viven de salir bien vestidas y los fotografos idiotizados..

  5. Lizzie says

    BIG HUGE EX-LARGE JIMBO chloe simpson NO K & TRANNY is DISGUSTING & you are absolutely on point, she/HE canNOT be an “mc”, the “nip slip” was on purpose, that’s what allllllllllll those carTRASHians & DUMB NUTS jenners do, THEY HAVE NOOOOO
    TALENT, none, zip, zero!! Ole Simon show wise up ASAP that that TRANNY has NO

  6. KardashianFAN says

    Are you crazy for writing something like that? That is so rude and disrespectful you shoudn’t even be owning a website! At least, Khloe and her family are successful and happy in their lives and don’t need to spend their days sitting on their ass in front of the camputer and bitching about people they don’t know shit about. so stfu.

  7. SamKaradashianFan says

    that’s so uncool what you are saying about Khole yes she is an a family who happened to be famous off of pretty much nothing but wouldn’t we all like to do and she is far from fat just because she’s not one this little stick figure models that walk around doesn’t make her or her talents any less valuable maybe you should sit in the mirror and wander why you don’t like yourself and why you have to throw it off on other people and i’m not even going to get into the rest of your comments because they were all rude, disrespectful and someone she crawl your eyes out because i wouldn’t want anyone fuckin with my family either

  8. silky smooth says

    Why do people hate on stars,their just doing their jobs and being themselves,give Khloe a chance,shes new to this job,she will bring great ratings to the show ,and will be a superstar on the x-factor in a few short weeks ,once she learns the job,you will see!

  9. Kristina P says

    yall need to shut the fuck up and stop picking on her .. SHES BEAUTIFUL AND NOT EVEN FAT SHE MAKING MORE MONEY THAN YOUR LOW LIFES TALKING SHIT.

  10. Kati says

    U IS A SADIST!!! Wat a looser, stop being jealous and go get yourself something to do! You are so jealous of this beautiful family its patethic….they are rich and hardworking and nothing u gonna do about it no matter how many hate posts u write they dont care about u, nor will they ever know u exist, they are busy making money while you sadist is going to go to your grave a very miserable looser…jeez, u created this blog just to hate on people who dont care a rats arse about ur sad life.

    Khloe is beautiful inside out as for u….put up your pic up we see how u look like#Sorry excuse of a human being!

    1. brian says

      come babe…u is a sadist? how about you ARE..the mother is a pimp..the step father is a plastic surgery nightmare..they haven’t contributed anything what so ever to society except nipple slips, fat ass pictures, sex tapes and a wedding that will go down in history as the biggest joke in Hollywood…wake up babe your living in a fantasy world…kim’s nickname should be droopy drawers…are we sure that kim doesn’t wear a diaper, or have a loose bag of rocks in he drawers it looks really lumpy in everything she wears.

  11. Miami K. fan says

    It’s sick to see how some people are jealous of somebody else’s money . Please stop wasting your time envying other people’s life and use your brain to invent something useful for the (U.S.A).

  12. Veronica says

    Kloe is the most unexpected daughter to stay married. The other two are Morans when it comes to men!!

  13. Veronica says

    Bruce you can do better because you are not respected on the show at all. You should let Kris go back to being the slut that she knows!

  14. Donnie Johnson says

    The best thing we can do is ignore this shameless bunch of two bit whores & get on with our on lives. Every time you get on the internet turn on the tv or read the paper, its about this trashy azz bunch of idiots. WHO CARES ANYTHING ABOUT THEM OR THEIR LIVES?

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