Rihanna Says Madonna Gave Her The Confidence To Be Herself: ‘She’s The Sh*t’

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Rihanna says Madonna is the sh*t

Rihanna has said that Madonna gave her the confidence she has today – we’re not sure if this includes running around town topless, calling your ex-boyfriend’s girlfriend a rice cake (a racial term), and getting back together with someone that beat the daylight out of you. Nevertheless, just like many other artists, Rihanna has praised the pop icon for allowing her to be herself when she came in the music industry, before adding that if she got the chance to collaborate with Madge, there’s no doubt in her mind that she would jump on the track.

“You know, Madonna is one of those artists who was very self-expressive, she was bold, she was fearless, and all of those were things I looked up to as a young woman,” Rihanna said during an interview on Facebook Live. “I really just wanted to be myself and feel free to express it and not really be afraid of what people think about it. Madonna’s still the s**t, and she’ll always be Madonna. She’s the queen.” Meanwhile, when Andy Cohen asked her on a possible duet, the Bajan singer continued: “That would be so sick. I would love to. Who knows? Let’s put it in the air.”

Rihanna is currently promoting her forthcoming album Unapologetic, which hits stores next week — and already it has caused a lot of controversy. After the singer unveiled the official tracklist, people were surprised that she recorded a song with her ex Chris Brown, called Nobody’s Business, which hints that the two have gotten back together but it shouldn’t be anyone else’s concern. Lame, right? Another song on the album which Rihanna thinks is one of her best is Diamonds, adding that it’s her favorite since she recorded Umbrella.

“It used to be ‘Umbrella’ before ‘Diamonds’ came along. It’s a really powerful song even to listen to, it just gets you… you just get sucked in. Even if you’re in the club, it really f**ks with your head.” Speaking of her upcoming tour, she says: Actually, there are a few songs that we had on the original setlist for the ‘777’ tour and I took some off for that very reason,” she said. “Not that I’m sick of performing them, it’s just a little more intimate… I want it to be more like fan favorites, not just ‘the hits’ – and some of my favorites too.”

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