Mariah Carey Wants To Save Bobbi Kristina Brown

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Mariah Carey Wants To Save Bobbi Kristina Brown

American Idol judge Mariah Carey is worried that Bobbi Kristina Brown is on the same path as her mother Whitney Houston who died from abuse of drugs and Mariah wants to save her!  She has let Bobbi, 19,  know she has to turn over a new leaf and change her ways stat!  Mariah is ready to help!

A source said: “Mariah decided it was time for some tough love. She told Krissy straight up that she knows she’s not living right. It was a pretty harsh conversation and they both ended up in tears. But hopefully it had some sort of impact because Krissy needs to make some serious changes.”

Bobbi has been in the news lately because she hit her boyfriend Nick Gordon’s Camaro with her own vehicle in the parking garage of their Georgia apartment complex, causing severe damage to the front of his sports car.  The accident came just weeks after Bobbi Kristina and Nick were involved in another crash that damaged his car.

Neither were injured in the accidents but the two were said to be arguing at the time.


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  1. Kathy Conner says

    I think it is a great idea for Mariah to help krissy if it is true. Certainly the sister in law is clueless and seems to have her own agenda. Houston’s own our own is a way for the sister in law to try to make her self a star: the show certainly is not designed to help Krissy on the. Contrary this show could very well destroy this young woman.And, what did Pat mean when she said Krissy is not grieving properly: grief is not proper it is hell. Get Krissy a grief counselor to help her understand the process to utilize effective alternatives to distructive behavior. Pat Whitney may have ask you to take care of Krissy but what makes you think you can( you could not take care of her Mother. Pat you and Gary need to get real jobs; you can not live on Whitney ‘s tab anymore. Ms Cissy Houston will be fine because she can sang . I would love to hear a blues/jazz album from her. Krissy will be fine away from Pat. Sorry pat the gravy train is over. And you and the showare no star. What you are doing is no different than being bobby. Only for your gain.
    Stop it. It’s a wrap. Hopefully you were as smart as Whitney and signed that it can never be shown again. Miriah please help Krissy!

    1. stopthemadness says

      Being Bobby Brown had nothing to do with Whitney. Please get your facts straight. It was about Bobby only. It was his show about him only Whitney invited herself on the show and the producers let her do it. They were going to bring back the show but the producers wanted Whitney to do appearances on the show and Bobby is the one who rejected the contract because he didn’t want her to be exploited. Did you even watch the show. If you did you would have figured it out. Bobby doesn’t need to live off of Whitney. He has his own money. He loves his daughter very much and I don’t know why people always assume that Bobby had nothing without Whitney. Bobbi Kristina is young and has been sheltered and knows nothing about REAL LIFE. I agree with you on everything that you said but I get tired of people who don’t know the facts talking about Bobby Brown like he lives off Whitney’s fame. You don’t see him with a show now do you?

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