Real Housewives of Beverely Hills Brandi Glanville Admits To Whoring Herself Out!

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Real Housewives of Beverely Hills Brandi Glanville Admits To Whoring Herself Out!

Real Housewives of Beverely Hills Brandi Glanville’s been caught in compromising positions on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills before – most notoriously when she was caught hooking up in the bathroom of cast mate Kyle Richards’ house during her annual black and white fete.

After the incident, Kyle called Brandi a “slut pig” and other cast mate Dana Wilkey said, “She’s a slut, obviously. I wasn’t in the bathroom with her while she was having sex, thank God, that sounds really gross.”

Beyond the bathroom incident though, Brandi herself admits to whoring herself out for money whenever possible. In this case, Brandi’s speaking more to her financial woes than her sex life. While married to serial cheater Eddie Cibrian, Brandi said nothing was in her name and that they, “were living way above our means” in a 10,000 square foot mansion they couldn’t afford and that when he left, she was broke and “there wasn’t a lot to get.”

While Brandi was left penniless, Eddie moved on to the big time, marrying his partner in adultery LeAnn Rimes, who’s worth nearly $40 million and climbing. Eddie moved into a Hidden Hills mansion with Rimes, although they could have had their choice of home since she owns mega-mansions in Tennessee and Texas as well.

Meantime, Brandi and the kids were living near hand to mouth! She told Radar online: “I was a 36-year-old woman who couldn’t lease a car and couldn’t lease a house. For 13 years, my name wasn’t on one account. I am still building my credit.” Because Eddie hadn’t allowed Brandi to have any assets in her name, she even had to have a co-signer to rent a home. Brandi added, “I had to pay the whole year in advance. I had to get my daddy to co-sign.”

Left too old to model, though still a looker, Brandi jumped at the opportunity to join the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills franchise, although she wasn’t immediately made a permanent cast member.  But her drama and bathroom hook-up seemed to have generated enough audience pleasing drama to garner a permanent spot on RHOBH.

To make ends meet and support her children, Brandi says, “I joke that I whore myself out to anyone that will pay me. But THAT is kind of what is happening.” She also sees her spot on the Bravo show “as a platform and a window.”

So far she’s used that platform to hit out occasionally at ex-Cibrian and his current wife Rimes, but considering what they did to her, I’m amazed by her restraint! While her cast mates may call her a slut and Glanville admits to whoring herself out whenever possible, I still see her as the victim in this scenario. You’d think that Cibrian would dig into his deep LeAnn Rimes filled pockets and fork over some cash to help the mother of his children out. Doesn’t he get an allowance?

Glanville will have another revenue stream when her self-help dating post-divorce guide comes out next year. It’s rumored to have some tell-all revelations about the Rimes-Cibrian affair. I’m wondering if her book will be so revealing that it has Rimes scurrying back to rehab…

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  1. wendt says

    I dont understand how Brandi is so poor, wasnt she supposed to be some great model. I dont think, no matter his cheating, that Eddie was solely responsible for her being so poor.

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