Madonna Invites Psy On Stage Before Bursting Out The ‘Gangnam Style’ Dance

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Madonna Peforms with Psy on stage

In an attempt to keep herself relevant, Madonna invited YouTube sensation Psy on stage at the New York’s Madison Square Gardens, and of course, the crowd went bananas. Madge started out her performance with her song Give it to Me, before Psy suddenly rises from the bottom of the stage, followed by ‘Opa Gangnam Style’… which even had Madonna attempting the dance, but not quite doing it as well as Psy does it himself.

The singer’s tour has been nothing but scandalous this year: showing her breast, showing her butt, using pistols in Colorado just months after the cinema shooting incident went down, hints at her hatred for Lady Gaga — the lady knows how to cause a stir in the media, that’s for sure. So it was very refreshing to not see her get nude on stage and make a little fool out of herself. But, Madonna’s crazy and over the edge performances have made her who she is today — a legendary icon. Nevertheless, the performance of her and great was very entertaining.

Before the song started, she told the crowd at yesterday’s show: “Because you’ve been working so hard on smashing your egos I have a little surprise for you. A song I haven’t sung for a while. You’re gonna have to help me out with everything. I’m tired, I’ve been doing this for a year!”

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