Selena Gomez Hates Miley Cyrus, Refused To Put Up With Justin Bieber’s Wandering Eyes, Work Schedule

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Selena Gomez Tried To Split Up With Justin Bieber Many Times

The truth always comes out! Last week we announced the split between Hollywood’s cute young couple Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber. While Selena has remained silent and classy since the split, focusing her energy on work and promoting good will on earth, Justin has taken the Taylor Swift route, mainly by becoming a whiny bitch and tweeting thanks to his supportive fans. While Justin is singing weepy covers about break ups, making it sound like Selena is a cold hearted bitch, both teams have refused to issue official statements regarding the split.

Now, thanks to a little patience, we’re starting to hear more about why the couple of two years called it quits. Apparently Justin was a little too excited to work with Miley Cyrus while filming an episode of Punkd for MTV. Radar Online reported, “The first time Justin and Selena broke up, it was because Justin shot an episode of Punk’d with Miley Cyrus. Selena is repulsed by Miley!” Apparently Selena did the adult thing and asked Justin not to do the show, but “Justin did the show anyways, which didn’t sit very well with Selena,” the source explained.

But it wasn’t just working with Miley that rubbed Selena the wrong way. Although we see why she doesn’t want Justin around her–Justin is a horny kid and Miley is a strong, intimidating woman who feels no shame for wearing booty shorts and skipping the bra. But Selena was jealous of Justin’s work schedule too. “He’s been continually choosing work over Selena and she’s finally had enough,” a source reported. And seeing the photos of Justin with Victoria’s Secret models was the straw that broke her back. It sounds like Justin isn’t mature enough to be in the sort of relationship Selena wants, and while it may seem a bit crazed for Selena to forbid him seeing Miley, we totally understand her concern!

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