Taylor Swift Is A Terrible Role Model, Wants A Man To Boss Her Around And Make All Decisions

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Report: Taylor Swift Banned from the Kennedy Compound!

I feel like I should be less surprised by this news. Taylor Swift has made a fortune by casting herself as the pretty, good intentioned victim in every single song she sings, so news that she wants a man to make all her decisions for her shouldn’t be a surprise–and before your eyebrows are raised too high, this is straight from her mouth! The pop singer explained why finding Mr. Right is so hard, and how she goes about searching for him.

“Some combinations of people are toxic, you know?” she says about her less than lucky romantic history. “You have to find the right one that isn’t just going to explode into fiery ash and destruction. It needs to be equal. If I feel too much like I’m wearing the pants, I start to feel uncomfortable and then we break up. It’s wonderful to hand over the reins to your boyfriend when you control so much of these big, high-pressure decisions, you know? That is a huge defining factor in who you choose to be with.” Is the year 1952? We know it is in her closet, but it’s hard to watch fifty years of feminism go out the window. Of course, most people want a partnership of equals, but I don’t understand why she would want to have a boyfriend making all the high-pressure decisions!

As if that weren’t bad enough, Taylor has surrounded herself with love-obsessed friends, with whom it’s impossible to have a real conversation about anything of substance. She explained, “We never talk about fashion, about career, about our ambitions or our projects. We just talk about relationships, feelings, love, and boys.” Jesus, this woman! It’s great to talk about feelings and boys (when you’re eight!) nonstop, but at some point don’t you need to sit down and have real conversations? Or has Taylor reached a point where her feelings are all that matter, and her career is not the result of ambition, but luck?

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