Pippa Middleton Embarrasses Herself and The Royal Family AGAIN

Pippa Middleton Embarrasses Herself and The Royal Family AGAIN

Pippa Middleton may come from a family that is knee-deep in the party planning business but she had absolutely no reason to dip her toe into the literary world. Her first and probably last book,  Celebrate: A Year of Festivities for Families and Friends has completely bombed, leaving the royal family cringing in total embarrassment. Kate Middleton and Prince William can’t believe that Pippa used Royal connections to help her produce the book that completely lacks the class you’d expect of someone with those types of connections. They are also absolutely appalled that Pippa accepted a $600,000 advance of the book According to showbizspy,

If Pippa had any decency at all she’d hand the money back to the publishers. It’s a guide that’s geared more toward a third-grader than the adult public, and it’s quickly become the biggest joke in the book world. The palace objected to Pippa’s writing project, but she went ahead with it anyway. Now she’s getting raked over the coals for it. It’s extremely demoralizing for Pippa, her family and the royals.”

Apparently Pippa is completely mortified by the reaction to her project and has decided to lay low until the bad press dies down. The problem with that is that because she is connected to the Royal family, something else will need to happen to take the negative attention off of her and with Pippa’s track record, it’ll probably be something that she does that will make the bomb of a book look pale in comparison. Have you taken a peek at her book yourself? Did it seem geared towards children even though that was most certainly not Pippa’s original target audience! Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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