X Factor’s Lyric 145 Stay Positive After Elimination: ‘We’re Not Bummed Out At All’

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Lyric145 Stay Positive After X Factor Elimination

While many X Factor contestants who get the boot usually talk bad about the judges for making them sing a song they didn’t like, Lyric 145 are staying positive, saying that though they didn’t feel it was their time to go, they will not dwell on the past as the talent show has now opened them the doors to hopefully get signed by a record deal, seeing that many music execs seek talent from shows such as X Factor (LA Reid, for example).

The group were automatically sent home from the show after receiving the lowest amount of votes during the two days that voting lines had been open. The only girl in the group, who goes by the name of Da Queen, explained that she’s not too upset and thinks that she and her friends have many opportunities now that they will definitely keep working together and hopefully prove the public that they had more to offer.

“I’m not bummed out at all,” the singer told E! News backstage. “I do wish we could’ve showed the world what we really could do. But now the door’s open for us to show the world, so I’m excited about that. I can honestly say, if we would’ve been able to do a ‘save me’ song, we would’ve got saved!”

“We literally feel like this is divinity,” Da Queen added. “An experience like this, you have to take out what you can take out from it, and I believe that [our being brought together] is way bigger than any prize we could’ve ever won. We’re really going to do something amazing in the industry.”

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  1. maryanne says

    I cannot stomach this group Lyric 145, and Iam soo happy they got eliminated. America saw it too. And what was up with that ridiculous patch on that girls eye? ewww…Didn’t they realize how ridiculous they are? They can’t sing, have absolute NO TALENT, and I don’t see them going anywhere. PERIOD>>>>

    1. maryanne says

      You ask for my opinion, and now my comment is awaiting moderation? What was sooo wrong in voicing my opinion. I spoke the truth. and It wasn’t anything bad. Why do you ask people to comment, and then you have to moderate the comment? I could see if I said something threatning….RIDICULOUS>>>>> They suck and that’s all there is too it. Evidentaly America felt the same way I do. nuf said…..

      1. Calvin says

        Hello maryanne.
        Thanks for your comment.
        I want to let you know that all comments go into moderation to avoid explicit content and spam.

        Oooh, and I actually thought Lyric145 were great. They remind me of the 90s artists, like Aaliyah who had the same kind of style.

    2. Kerry says

      You idiot, the patch was because she was blind in both eyes then had a cornea transplant, then the eye got damaged. Google something before making a jerk of yourself.

  2. Kelly says

    I love people who comment on these things, talking about the lack of “talent” people have. Especially when they fail to understand basic grammar and spelling. (and the girl was wearing an eye patch because she went blind for two years, and had an emergency surgery to try an restore her vision before the show started)

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