Kim Zolciak Explains Why She Abruptly Left The Real Housewives of Atlanta

Kim Zolciak Explains Why She Abruptly Left The Real Housewive's of Atlanta

It looks like the Dec. 2nd episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta is going to be one for the record books. In it viewers will watch Kim Zolciak make an abrupt and heated exit from the series that made her (somewhat) famous. The drama actually unfolded last summer when all of the ladies were invited to Cynthia Bailey’s Caribbean island renewal of her vows to husband, Peter Thomas.

Kim was 36 weeks pregnant and under strict doctors orders not to travel. Sounds pretty reasonable to me, but apparently none of these ladies could understand it. Kim tells the latest issue of In Touch magazine,

I was eight months pregnant and there was so much drama; I just had to walk. I’ve taken on so much in the past five years, but this was the final straw. My priority was the child inside me. I can’t say it was easy to end that chapter. After all, I met my husband through this show.”

Apparently the mother of all fights ensued between Kim and the rest of the cast and that was it, her days of being a Bravo star came to a halt.  Of course Kim’s former best friend, NeNe Leakes took this as an opportunity to slam and mock Kim, because that’s what NeNe always does. It’s kind of ridiculous to me though because all of these women have kids and nearly every doctor under the sun frowns upon flying in the last few weeks of pregnancy, so Kim’s excuse is actually a logical and rational one.

Bravo has given Kim her own spin off before. I mean who can forget Don’t Be Tardy for the Wedding? Will she be getting another one and if she does will you tune in? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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