Lifetime Prepares To Sue Lindsay Lohan–Not For Terrible Acting, But Breach Of Contract!

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Lifetime Prepares To Sue Lindsay Lohan--Not For Terrible Acting, But Breach Of Contract!

Even on her best behavior, Lindsay Lohan cannot stay out of the court room! The troubled actress escaped prison last year when she landed probation for theft of a necklace, but this summer she may have violated her parole by driving into an 18 wheeler–and then lying to cops about it. The DA is getting ready to charge her with obstruction of justice, and the legal battle may force Lifetime to get involved too! According to a source, Lindsay was under contract with Lifetime, as Fox News reported, “[her] contract with Lifetime’s insurance company explicitly stipulated that not only was the film’s star prohibited from getting behind the wheel, but from riding in any other vehicle other than the one provided — with a driver — by Lifetime throughout the six week filming period.” If criminal charges are filed, it would mean the DA has enough information to accuse Lindsay of lying to police about being the driver when the collision occurred, which is clearly a breach of contract.

Of course, Lifetime could probably be nice and ignore it all. It sounds like they were worried about her safety (as was very wise of them!) and wanted to make sure the leading actress didn’t drive into a building and sustain major injuries that would hurt the filming bill of Liz & Dick. Despite her little accident, Lindsay finished filming and wowed us with the embarrassingly awful performance we all expected. Really, what happened to the sweet girl from The Parent Trap and Freaky Friday? Even Mean Girls was pretty good! So why is this happening months after the fact? The source explained: “Naturally Lifetime did not want to make a big deal out of it until ‘Liz & Dick’ premiered as that would have been really bad for PR. But Lohan’s team is already preparing for the fallout from a civil case against her. Lifetime is probably waiting to see whether or not the District Attorney’s office files a case against Lindsay for lying. If they do, it will make their suit more credible.”

It’s time for Lindsay to either go to prison for a long time, or be forcibly institutionalized! She’s a threat to public safety–physically and emotionally! I don’t know which is scarier, being hit by Lindsay’s car, or having to watch Liz & Dick! Do you think this legal battle is unfair, or does the ex-crackhead, ex-bisexual, terrible actress deserve what she’s getting?

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