Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Have Tween Inspired Arcade Date In NYC

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Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Have Dinner to Discuss Reconciliation - They Fight, She Storms Out!

What is there to say about a relationship that is an unhealthy mix of cutesy kid activities and private jets? We thought that Justin Bieber and his cougar girlfriend Selena Gomez had split for good after he got too friendly with a Victorias Secret model, but the ex Disney starlet can’t seem to break the habit! Despite Justin’s cover of Cry Me A River by Justin Timberlake, the two seem to be back on. I guess a little infidelity never hurt anyone, right? The couple was spotted in Times Square late last night acting like twelve year olds on a parent approved date. After Justin’s concert at Madison Square Garden ended, the young and delusional couple hit Dave & Buster‘s, a chain of arcade restaurants.

A source reported that Justin “was desperate to get back together with her. Selena has been worried, but she still loves him.” Aww, love trumps adultery! How naive. Last night they pretended their relationship was unmarred and simple. “They were arm in arm the whole time, and even stole a kiss here and there,” an onlooker reported. “They definitely seemed happy and in love and had a great time.” I normally love Selena, but I hate the example she’s setting! She’s telling girls across the world that it’s okay to stay with a guy who lies and cheats on you!

What do you make of the arcade date night? Is it a cute trip down memory lane, or a sad attempt to maintain the image of perfect couple? I think Justin looks like a spoiled brat and has no respect for anyone but himself! Selena can do way better, and needs to give herself room to explore the vast world of men before she starts dealing with this sort of behavior. Am I being too harsh?

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