Lindsay Lohan Arrested For Punching A Woman At A New York City Club

Lindsay Lohan Arrested For Punching A Woman At A New York City Club

Our favorite celebrity villain, Lindsay Lohan, was arrested a few hours ago in New York City. Allegedly, the redhead wannabe punched a girl at a nightclub. Damn, here we were hoping she was being arrested for being friends with the League of Shadows!

According to latest reports, Lohan was partying it up at Club Avenue when a female patron pissed her off and she decided to throw a punch. Allegedly, Lohan and the anonymous female were bitchin’ at one another, and at one point before the brawl, Lohan said to the woman, “Give me my space.” For unknown reasons, the fight became physical and the two punched it out. Lohan left the club soon thereafter, but the men in blue pulled her over as she left the club in her car, and subsequently arrested her for assault. According to TMZ, Lohan is still in custody.

Lohan is facing a string of civil and criminal cases. She is about to be charged by police for perjury after her June car accident in Los Angeles, when she told the LAPD that she was the passenger, not the driver. There are also reports that Lohan will soon be sued by the Lifetime television channel for breach of contract during the filming of that horrific Liz & Dick. Although the actress was critically panned for her performance in this Lifetime dreg, the critique only scratched the surface of her mountain of trials and tribulations.

If Lohan is charged for assault, it would be an immediate violation of her parole, and the actress could spend up to two years in jail. The time to hang up those acting boots arrives in every star’s career, and we strongly believe here at Hollywood Hiccups that this time has already come and gone for the Jerry Springer actress and her tribe of foolish dimwits.

This recent altercation might be her swan song.

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