The Claws Are Out: Nicole Scherzinger and Kimberly Wyatt Avoided Each Other At X Factor Taping

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Kimberly Wyatt And Nicole Scherzinger Didn't Talk On X Factor

Wow, so it really does seem true to what Carmit Bachar had been telling the press last week. X Factor UK judge Nicole Scherzinger avoided being seen with former band mate Kimberly Wyatt at Sunday’s taping, it has been reported. Scherzinger wanted nothing to do with Kimberly who was there to talk about the contestants as a special guest. Nicole was so uncomfortable throughout the night upon hearing that Kimberly was in the studio so she tried to stay as far away as possible from the singer.

The two ended on bad terms after the split because of Nicole’s controlling behavior towards the band,- non of the other girls in the Pussycat Dolls were ever allowed to speak during interviews and their vocals were never actually put the final version of studio albums because record execs felt that Nicole was the star, and not the other girls.

According to viewers in the audience, the atmosphere was beyond awkward when the show’s host announced Wyatt was in the studio. Nicole supposedly started acting really funny:

 “It was awkward. When her presence was announced, Nicole swivelled round in her judge’s chair, gave Kimberly a cool stare and didn’t even wave before turning her back again.”

Funny how this all links with what Carmit recently said: “Nicole was jealous of Ashley. She felt threatened by her – like people would prefer her because of the way she looked,” Bachar told The Sun“Ashley had that iconic American thing going on – blonde hair, blue eyes. It was the look Nicole seemed to want but could never have.

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