Eternal Copycat Jennifer Aniston Baby Bump Finally Confirms Pregnancy With Fiance Justin Theroux

Eternal Copycat Jennifer Aniston Baby Bump Finally Confirms Pregnancy With Fiance Justin Theroux

Always one step behind, isn’t she? Jennifer Aniston has a lot to deal with. She is constantly fighting to outdo her ex husband Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. They have kids, are blissfully happy, and are philanthropists. Jennifer has a dried up career, no kids, and a fiance who is pretty lackluster. Justin Theroux, however, loves Jen and is telling people she’s pregnant! The news comes two days after royal couple Kate Middleton and Prince William announced their own pregnancy.

An insider told In Touch, “He’s telling his friends. Jen’s really excited, too, but she’s concerned because of her age and because it’s early. She wants to make sure everything’s okay and is focusing on her health right now.” That all sounds about right to us. Jen is no spring chicken, so we’re pretty surprised by this! Now, we’ve learned a thing or two about pregnancy ever since we saw the signs with Duchess Kate–holding the belly, smiling at children, secretive happy glances, drinking water, and the elusive first trimester baby bump.

The couple spent last week shopping in Beverly Hills, where eyewitnesses report excessive smiling, a baggy outer coat, and a lot of belly rubbing! That’s three of the five signs! Of course, her publicist denies the news, as she should. It’s traditional to wait until about 10 weeks to tell people, as before then a miscarriage risk is higher. If it’s true that Jen and Justin knew last week, we’d expect she’s only a month along, which means we shouldn’t expect any official confirmation until January! But I’m sure the engaged couple are thrilled with their unlikely Christmas miracle.

The couple has been secretive about setting a wedding date, so if Jen is pregnant we must ask: Will she tie the knot sooner or later? I can’t see her buying a wedding dress to accommodate her pregnant belly, but will they do it soon before she starts to show, or have the baby and then walk down the aisle later? What do you think Jen will do?

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