Kate Middleton Still Sick, Forced To Skip Hobbit London Premiere On Wednesday

Kate Middleton Still Sick, Forced To Skip Hobbit London Premiere On Wednesday

Although the palace has officially stated they won’t be updating us on Kate Middleton‘s condition while she suffers from extreme morning sickness, some statements are still good manners. Kate and husband Prince William planned to walk the red carpet Wednesday night at the London premiere of The Hobbit, but the pregnant Duchess is forced to stay at home, near a toilet.

The palace confirmed, ‘The Duchess of Cambridge will not attend The Hobbit premiere tomorrow evening and will continue to rest privately. The Duke of Cambridge will attend as planned.” We know that hyperemesis gravidarum, the condition she’s struggling with, lasts for a while, but you’d think some doctor would have a special, royal-only antidote to put Kate on the road to recovery!

This is just another of what will be many cancellations during Kate’s pregnancy. This Sunday Wills skipped a royal duty to stay at home with his pregnant wife, but I guess the call of JRR Tolkein was too much to pass up. I’m surprised they couldn’t bring the movie to Kate though! Being a royal has to have some perks, right?

As always, we wish Kate all the best through her pregnancy and are glad she’s able to take the time off that she needs. Of course, we certainly aren’t getting any baby bump pictures while she’s locked away at home! We take William’s attendance as a sign that Kate is stable enough to be left alone, and sane enough to know she could never ask her husband to skip something as monumental as The Hobbit!

Will you be walking any red carpets or caffeinating for any midnight showings of The Hobbit?

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