Did Kate Middleton’s OB-GYN Doctor Murder His Own Fiance?

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Did Kate Middleton's OB-GYN Doctor Murder His Own Fiance?

Meanwhile, in absurd news…Kate Middleton is pregnant, which means a fleet of the world’s best doctors are on hand 24/7 to ensure that everything goes without a hitch. Excusing for her extreme morning sickness, the future Queen probably can’t take a sip of water without someone recording it on her medical history!

But some reporters are trying to drudge up drama, since she’s been out of sight and no news is coming out of her or the palace. Dr. Alan Farthing is one of her doctors during the pregnancy, and some are suggesting that he had his fiance murdered. The story is tragic, for sure, but murder?

In 1999 his fiance Jill Dando, a super famous news anchor (the British Katie Couric, I’ve been told) left Farthing’s house to go shopping. Afterwards, she went to her home, where she was murdered execution style by a gun man. This is especially tragic, since gun laws are so strict in the UK. The murder occurred on her porch in broad daylight and though Barry George was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison, an appeal seven years later got him out of it. To this day, no one has been accused.

The 47-year-old doctor became royal gynecologist to the Queen four years ago (break to discuss how weird it is to have the same gyn as your grandmother in law? Right?) and an insider reports that, despite the great career, he’s never gotten over it. “Jill was killed just five months before they were due to marry, and the worst thing is that her murder remains unsolved. It’s been impossible for him to truly find closure. He still has nightmares about what happened. It won’t be lost on Kate that although she’s hoping her doctor will bring her two bundles of joy into the world, he suffered a great private loss.”

The National Enquirer is suggesting that Farthing hired a hit man to kill Dando, but we think it’s absurd! There are hundreds–if not thousands–of gynecologists in the UK. If we follow the proverb beggars can’t be choosers, and recognize that Queen Elizabeth and Kate Middleton are definitely not beggars, than we know this guy wouldn’t have landed the job if any doubt of his innocence remained! What do you think?

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