Sarah Jessica Parker Involved In Shoplifting Incident

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Sarah Jessica Parker Involved In Shoplifting Incident

Sarah Jessica Parker, the sweet hearted Glee and Sex & the City star, pissed off quite a few air travelers on a trip from Oslo, Norway to NYC, USA today. Well, it wasn’t really SJP’s fault, but she was still involved in the little kerfuffle. The United Airlines flight was delayed by up to an hour while Norwegian police had to deal with a shoplifting incident involving one of SJP’s assistants.

According to a new TMZ report, “Sarah and her entourage were ready to board the plane when they were confronted by cops, who were called after an airport shop owner claimed one of Sarah’s minions pilfered a pair of expensive sunglasses.

Surely that must be a mistake? Surely someone as high profile as SJP wouldn’t allow kleptomaniacs in her entourage? According to initial reports, police stopped the plane from taking off and forced the side swiping kleptomaniac to fork up $1 400 – it’s better than spending a few months in a Norwegian jail – and soon after the fine was paid, SJP and her tribe of dimwits were allowed to board the plane and leave the country – for good.

However, a new development in the story revealed that it was not SJP’s assistant who stole the expensive sunglasses; it was – you won’t guess this for a million dollars – an official working for the Nobel Peace Prize foundation. Hypocrisy served on lettuce, anyone? SJP was in town to cover the event, and the still anonymous person who stole the sunglasses was not on SJP’s payroll, but he was part of her entourage.

It most probably sucks really bad when you trust the Nobel Peace Prize people (who wouldn’t trust them? They’re all for peace!) and then get bamboozled by one of their own.

What do you think of this story? Do you think it’s weirdly coincidental? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Kris says

    You are dead wrong! It was not a person hired by the Nobel institute. It was a make up artist brought to Norway by SJP. The Nobel institute have made a statement about this calling it a blatant lie. The guy that usually does the hair and make up of the hosts is a Norwegian guy who only a few days before said in an interview that he would not be doing the gig this year because SJP and Gerrard Butler (the hosts) were bringing their own people! This was common knowledge before they even arrived in Norway. Another interesting fact is WHY would a make up artist hired by the Nobel institute be traveling back to the states with SJP? The person would be Norwegian? The thief was caught red handed with the item after they had passed passport control. The same person arrived to Norway WITH SJP when they flew in from the states before the event. There is no way SJP can talk her way out of this one and the Nobel institute have made it perfectly clear that these so called sources are talking a load of BS. They can also prove it!

  2. JM in San Diego CA says

    Let’s not take the Nobel Prizes too seriously. Alfred Nobel may have had a very serious intent when he endowed the prizes, but they’ve turned political.

    Recall a certain Barack H. Obama was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize in 2009, having been nominated only a few days into his term of office. Accomplishments toward peace then and now, Zero.

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