Edward Furlong’s Ex-Wife Claims He Exposed His 6-Year-Old Son To Cocaine

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Edward Furlong's Ex-Wife Claims He Exposed His 6-Year-Old Son To Cocaine

Edward Furlong’s ex-wife has revealed in court documents that the embattled actor exposed his 6-year-old son to cocaine and that he should not be allowed near the child without supervision. Shockingly, not-so-shockingly, Furlong alleged that it’s a fat lie when he appeared in court late last week to challenge a court order that places severe restrictions on his parental and visitation rights.  He revealed that his ex-wife “will do or say whatever it takes to alienate me further from my son and destroy my ability to work.” The judge in charge of the protection order refused to listen to Furlong’s victimized claims and indefinitely kept the custody restrictions in place.

In November of this year, Furlong’s ex-wife, Rachel Bella, filed a court order against Furlong after their son tested positive for cocaine. Unfortunately, this isn’t a once-in-a-blue-moon occurrence, because not only is Furlong a self-admitted drug user, he has also been on a demonic downward spiral for many years. According to TMZ, “[Furlong] was most recently seen wandering the streets of Skid Row in Downtown L.A.” – an area that is infamous for drug abuse, loitering, homelessness, and other post-Apocalyptic happenings. In October of 2010, after Bella and Furlong’s divorce, she took out a restraining order against him and cited that the actor was suicidal, refused to undergo drug tests, and punched their son in his testicles. She also revealed to the court that he frequently drove past her house and even threatened her with physical abuse by hiring people to beat her with metal chains and baseball bats.

Furlong might have been one of the hottest actors in the 90’s, but his career took a nosedive when fame became too much for the young actor and pushed him into the abyss of drug and alcohol abuse. It’s a case of he said/she said, but we’re inclined to believe Bella’s version of events…

What do you think? Do you think he is really to blame? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Chris DaBol says

    What do I think? Well, I think you’re a dumb piece of shit for literally believing a father would be dumb enough to give his 6 year old son hard drugs. Trust me, the parental instinct runs harder than that. But it sounds like you just want to a feminist favoritist, regardless of what common sense states, so you should probably just blow your brains out. But, hey, wanna prove me wrong? Let’s see those drug test results, everybody’s so interested in hollywood lives it shouldn’t be a problem, right?

    1. Kari says

      Nobody said that he ‘gave his son hard drugs.’ sadly, its a fact and not uncommon, for drug users to smoke their drugs around their children. Unknowingly, causing their kids to ingest the drugs also through breathing the smoke into their lungs. In turn it hits their blood stream hets metabolized and then is excrited/deposited into hair folicals among other ways of the body expelling the drugs. You can look up the positive drug test results yourself. They are public records. You just have to know where to look and who to look for. County charges occured and names of victims and/or person/s being charged. This article has nothing to do with femanistic bull shit nor is it lacking common sense. Everyone is free to access all this information themselves and come to their own conclusions/opinons.

  2. Nicole says

    Well, it is known that Eddie has not been himself for a few years now. That, we do know. But I really do not want to believe that he would dope up his own son. Even the physical altercations and restraining orders are difficult to swallow. I have loved him for so long (90’s kid, here!) and just want to see him more on screen and doing food for himself. We have all had our high and low points in life, no one can judge him. I just hope that whatever is going on in his heart and mind soon turns to peace and he is able to shine bright like the good ol’ days. Not going to give up on him. Godspeed, Eddie xo

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