Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie Have No Plans To Have More Children Any Time Soon

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Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie At A Red Carpet Event

Hilary Duff doesn’t want to have any more children – for now at least – the actress has explained. The 25-year old, who welcomed her baby boy Luca Cruz Comrie to the world in March, says that as of now she and hubby Mike Comrie are still “obsessed” with their child, but think that when the little fella starts to get older, they will miss having a baby around and would possibly try for their second child.

“Mike and I are literally obsessed with Luca,” she tells AccessHollywood. “We’re like, ‘He’s perfect. We should just be one and done’. Hilary adds that this year’s Christmas tree looks funny because she has had to place most of the things on top so Luca wouldn’t pull anything off. “He loves the Christmas tree. Obviously we have a funny looking Christmas tree [because] all the ornaments are at the top.”

The former Disney star added that while she would probably want another baby in the future, she has started to see how hard things can be at times, reclaling the days when the kid starts running around and she tries to keep up with him, making sure he’s not doing anything stupid. The star continued: “I think once your baby starts getting older you miss that phase and you go in for round two. Maybe when [Luca is] 2 or 3? He’s into everything. I’m running around the house just trying to keep up with him. He’s so fast.”

Hmm… something tells us that the real reason she doesn’t want to get pregnant again is because she’s still struggling to lose the baby weight from her first pregnancy. There’s nothing wrong with that, but the abuse that the media have given this poor girl has probably made her think twice before she’s prepared to deal with the nasty tabloid reports again. Calling a woman “fat” and “Ms. Piggy” because she’s spending more time with her child than at the gym isn’t exactly nice to say, is it!? Then again, the tabloid haven’t got anything better to do, have they?

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