It Is Official: Ashton Kutcher Files The Divorce Papers, Wants Demi Moore Out Of His Life

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Ashton Kutcher divorces Demi Moore

Finally, Ashton Kutcher has filed the divorce papers to get Demi Moore out of his life. As we all know, Demi made it clear she no longer wanted to be with the actor after he cheated on her last year. The two have been separated since late 2012, and while Moore might have thought their marriage would work out if they took some time apart, the complete opposite has happened – Ashton moved on.

Kutcher has been dating Mila Kunis for a couple of months now, which should have given obvious hints to Demi that he no longer wants to be with her. We wonder if Mila is the reason he’s filing for divorce.. maybe she told him that being married to another woman while dating her wouldn’t work well – especially if Ashton and Kunis want to take their relationship to the next level. Or maybe, they have already thought about marriage? Ugh, this is too much. Ha.

The Two and a Half Men supposedly gave Demi enough time to make the first move and file the official divorce papers, calling it a “dignity thing” to do after their split. However, Moore thought that the break would make him realize that their relationship could be worked on. Clearly it can’t, and we highly doubt he will ditch his longtime friend  for an oldbag. Who would you rather have?

Moore was said to be dating art dealer Vito Schnabel but he ended their relationship because the actress “wasn’t acting her age”. Demi, stop acting like a fifteen-year old and try to sort your life out. Ashton will not come back to you so please just get your life together and move on.

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