Taylor Swift Steals Harry Styles From Friends & Family Over Christmas

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Taylor Swift Steals Harry Styles From Friends & Family Over Christmas

One Direction hottie Harry Styles had been sleeping over at Taylor Swift‘s while he was in town with his band mates to perform at the X Factor finale. But then when the rest of 1D hopped a plane back to London, Harry changed up plans and instead hopped a plane to Utah with Taylor for an improptu ski vacation. The new lovers have been hitting the slopes with Taylor’s brother Austin and her best friend Selena Gomez, but Harry was supposed to have been back home by now.

Harry’s also been talking about continuing his Taylor-a-thon past Christmas and heading to Australia with her as she embarks on an album promotion trip there. It’s Christmas down under for Taylor who told Country Weekly magazine, “It’s gonna be non-stop sun. So it will be weird to have a tan around Christmas but I’m really excited about it.

Harry’s already overdue to London – his family is expecting him for Christmas – but rumor has it he’s not ready to leave Taylor. His bandmate bestie Louis Tomlinson‘s 21st birthday is tomorrow – Christmas Eve – and Harry’s expected to be on hand for the party, but will he blow him off and stay in Utah with his sweetie?

Harry’s mom Anne is apparently outraged that Harry’s delayed his return home and is demanding he get on a plane for home immediately. Since Harry’s just 18, his mom’s still got a good grip on him, so it will be interesting to see if he caves to his family and heads to London or stays at Taylor’s side as she heads down under…

Taylor’s got a long history of starting up with a new guy and staying glued to his side until the relationship fizzles out equally as rapidly. I wonder if her enthusiasm for new love means her feelings burn out quickly, if her over the top attention suffocates her lovers or if she just runs through men at top speed on purpose, weeding them out and looking for true love?

Harry seems more her speed – even though he’s just 18 – at least he’s not still in high school like last BF Conor Kennedy. Seems like Taylor’s had her fill of older men – she was romanced and dumped by John Mayer and famously took him to task in her song “Dear John” and then skewered Jake Gyllenhaal in her new hit “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.”

I always find it interesting that famous men are willing to get involved with the singer, knowing if it doesn’t work out (which is statistically highly likely) they’ll be the butt of her bitingly honest lyrics. Maybe it’s the red lipstick or those long, long legs, but the girl’s got something that keeps snaring handsome men despite the risks of loving her…

We’ll keep you posted on whether Harry sticks to Taylor or caves in to his band mates and family and jets to London. My money’s on a compromise – perhaps Taylor can join him in London for a day or two before heading to Australia. Since she doesn’t have any tour dates set there – it’s just a promotional visit – surely she has some flexibility. Stay tuned for more on the romance of Haylor and their Christmas plans!

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