Adele Trademarks Her Own Name To Prevent People From Using It On Products

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Adele Video Music Awards

Smart move! Adele has trademarked her own name to prevent business owners from using it on their products to boost sales. It has been proven that whatever a celebrity slaps their name on,- whether it may be a fragrance bottle or a clothing line, it tends to become very successful, and Adele doesn’t want people to misuse her name for something she hasn’t agreed to.

The ‘Set Fire to the Rain’ singer doesn’t want her loyal fans to be tricked into buying something that she has nothing to do with. Sources are also adding that this move will make it much easier for the 24-year old to file legal action against anyone who uses the name ‘Adele’ on products they plan to market.

A source had the following to say: “She doesn’t want anyone exploiting her name by using it on products which may trick punters into thinking she’s involved with it.”

The singer’s move to have her name trademarked comes just months after Beyonce and Jay-Z attempted to have the name ‘Blue Ivy’ trademarked so that other people wouldn’t use their child’s name on items. Sadly, their attempt fell through as it was denied.

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