George Clooney Set To Marry Stacy Keibler

George Clooney Set To Marry Stacy Keibler

We never thought we’d see the day, but George Clooney has opened his home and heart to a woman! Stacy Keibler was delighted to receive a gold ring this past summer, which seems to be the only kind of ring George will ever put on a woman! The serial bachelor has a reputation for dumping his gorgeous partners without batting an eyelash, but Stacey is using her champion wrestling talent to good use and has him in a dead lock.

Clooney took the 33-year-old beauty on holiday around Italy, and even introduced her to his mom. But now he has opened his home to her. A source reported to Life & Style, print edition December 31, 2012, “He just had a mega closet built for Stacey.” That is the Hollywood equivalent of clearing out a drawer, I believe. Normal people give up a drawer, celebrities give up the east wing. “George loves living with Stacy,” their insider explains. And as if that weren’t shocking enough, they’re even redecorating! “George has even let her choose new pieces of furniture and plan refurbishments to the master bedroom.”

This is quite a shock—chiefly because I pictures Clooney’s house as one with an entire dorm section devoted to leggy blondes. But he must have moved them all out before Stacy arrived. All this comes after a report claimed George was using a faux case of Malaria to get out of committing to Stacey—but hiring contractors, decorators, and an architect sounds like his version of true love! I mean, diamonds come and go, but a 7,300 square foot mansion in the Studio City hills lasts forever! Clooney opened his home up to CBS news last February, giving an inside tour, during which he explained the difference between a house and a home. “A home is a place where your family and friends are a part of,” he distinguished. I guess this may actually be the twilight of Clooney’s bachelor days! What do you make of it all?


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